Change happens

Hi wonderful people on here, I trust you are all doing great by the grace of God.
Well, I started this blogging journey to make Jesus popular, most especially to the youth by sharing godly posts in the form of devotions, motivations, poetry and spoken word poetry.

I carried this vision all alone but it gets to a time that you know that what you carry is larger and will need to expand to reach lots of people, which also means you need lots of hands onboard.

My friends and family here on WordPress will notice that for a while I haven’t been on their respective blogs much. I’m sorry for that but as we say, sometimes life just happens.

But the Goodnews is that is now

My team and I will be actively using that space from June 1st 2017.

TheGospelPaps is a broader version of Papberry.

And it is your No. 1 Domain for everything gospel!

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God bless you all.

Today’s fragrance : He gives strength to the weak

Scripture: Isaiah 40:29
“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

In our world the weary is further burdened and the weak, oh they get trampled upon and neglected countless times.

You might be going through a phase in your life where no one wants to even listen to you, and you’ve also stopped listening to yourself as a result of that.

Your situation might be bad but it’s leading you somewhere good.

One of the characteristics of God is that He ministers strength to those who are conscious of their own feebleness, and looked to Him for support.

There has to come a time in your life where you come to the realization of the truth that you have no might in yourself or other people but Him, and It is only then can He increase His strength in you when needed.

The apostle Paul says, “The power of God is made perfect in our weakness,” (2 Corinthians 12:9) this may be fulfilled; but if our hearts are not deeply moved by a conviction of our weakness, we cannot receive seasonable assistance from God. 

We serve a God who does not just possess all these qualities, but He shares His strength with those who need it. He has all energy, energy to spare and to share. Whether we buckle under life’s pressures or lack innate strength, He provides durable, stable power.

All you have to do is go before Him just as you are and ask.


Father Lord, I recognize that I do not have any strength of my own, I surrender to you my God, quicken me and sail through life with me in Jesus name, amen.

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Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello deariesIt’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I share a quote with you.

“As long as you know that God is for you, it doesn’t matter who is against you”.

Sometimes we all worry too much concerning things that have no power or authority over us, as children of God.

We worry about doors being closed when indeed there are no closed doors because once God opens no one shuts.

We worry about how people are plotting evil against us when the bible says no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper.
This scripture means that surely your enemies also have to work, but after all their hard work, that plan will not work on the intended target because you are a child of God! What a waste!

So have this in your heart and mind, that as long as God is for you, it doesn’t matter if the whole world goes against you because you will still win!

My dear God’s got you so leave the worry for your enemies to do because the things that God has planned for you, no eyes has seen, no ears has heard and definitely no mind has even imagined!


Today’s fragrance: forget the former things.

Scripture: Isaiah 43:18-19

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”.

The only way to perceive things is to be conscious of present moments and not the past.
There are so many things God desires to do for us but we are just not allowing Him.

We’ve fixed Him in the limitations of our minds as we focus and glory ourselves in the things of yesterday, leaving the better opportunities today holds untapped.

Most of us ain’t making progress actually, but it looks as if we are because we have gotten very comfortable with where we are now. Others have just given up on progress because they’ve failed to many times.

We get to some stages in our lives that sometimes we don’t even feel like going a step further because we’ve probably lost the energy to push further so then we settle for mediocrity.

Mediocrity in our Christian life, marriage, relationships, academic, career and others.

But do you know God has so much for you? Yes! So much more than you can even imagine.

He always gives His beauty for our ashes. He specializes in fixing the broken and low lives and placing them on higher grounds for His glory.

Are stuck or stranded in this strange land called earth?

There is something great for you today and the only way you can perceive the things He has started doing in your life is getting connected to God and opening up more to Him.
Thank you Lord for my life today. Father Lord I’m ready to receive all you have for me, please take my hand and walk me through this journey in Jesus name, amen.

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Today’s fragrance: He’s never let me down.

Scripture: Psalm 71:5  
“You keep me going when times are tough– my bedrock, GOD, since my childhood”.

I remember all the struggles and pain felt during some stages of my life quite vividly and I also remember and know that if it hadn’t been for God, I wouldn’t be alive sharing these messages with you.
God has proved to me countless times that He is faithful and that He indeed rewards them that diligently seek Him!
His protection has been upon me even before I was conceived in my mothers womb and has never taken His eyes off me for a second.

He has been my backbone, without Him inplace I’m unable to stand on my feet.

There are lots of things I’m able to do now because God is in the right place in my life.

All I’m trying to get at is that, God loves all His Children equally and if I’m testifying that He’s never let me down, then it means same applies to you He will never let you down!

You know why? Because we are family and God loves His family dearly.

Never lose Hope my dear, because God will never let you down! He is faithful.



1. Thank God for your life.

2. Ask for forgiveness of sins 

3. Present your request before Him.

4. Thank Him again for answering your prayer in Jesus name, amen.


Thoughtful Tuesday

Hi people, It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I share a quote with you.

“God is working in ways you cannot understand. Never lose Hope”.

It is the desire of mothers to treat their kids to delicious delicacies, and looking at the children whiles they enjoy the meal, brings them much joy and peace.

God loves to prepare even more special delicacies for His Children.

And these Special meals take longer time to be prepared.

But mostly His children also lack the patience to wait for the special treat and prefer to be treated normal…

Sometimes you want your prayers answered immediately but looking back at another time you begin to thank God for that unanswered prayer.
When food isn’t well cooked and you get served just because you are too hungry to wait… You know what happens next.

This morning we are being reminded that patience is a golden virtue and it will be great, if we all possess it.

My dear, sometimes you don’t have to understand God, You just have to trust the Person you can’t seem to understand because In the end, all things will work for your good.


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