My love

I have been with you for a long time but how come I feel I do not know you?
The more I know you the more I realize I know you not.
This makes me want to know u more.
How do I explain how I am feeling?

A step away from you is like a day without air,
I never want you out of my sight nor my life.
I want us to last forever so I fix my love satellite solely on you.
I never want this love to end for it is the sweetest thing ever tasted.

How do I get my feelings explained?
And how do I get to know you more?
I am anxious of who you really are.
Who would help me know you more?
I have searched everywhere but found none.

I am coming to you!
Teach me how to know you, for you know yourself more than anyone does.
I know you will, for in the same manner the psalmist longeth for thee, so do i.


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