She kept on playing hide and seek with Him like the sun with the clouds.
She kept on telling Him, wait on me,I will come right back, and He kept on telling her, I will stay with you as long as you stay with me.
She kept on living her life just the way she wanted;Chasing all the riches of this world.
She had everything she could humanly acquire; the iPhones, the Ferrari’s, the Bugatti’s,the trasacco mansions…you name the rest.
She took everything for granted for money was not a problem.
She had people around her but still wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high over hills.
She had everything yet nothing.
She moved freely and cared less forgetting she had Someone waiting on her.
One thing she forgot was that; time waits on no man.
Maybe she though she could live forever for money could buy all she needed.
Her days were numbered.
And as the clock ticked, the dark clouds covered the sun and the moon and stars resumed duty.
Time was running out.
She thought she owned everything so everything was misused by her including herself.
Never did she think about the fact that the thief never sends a notice before visiting your house.
She was caught unaware without any plans made.
On that day her money could not rescue her.
She had everything but lacked everything.
Time closed up on her and she could do nothing.
She is in forever land craving to return so she can go after what she never had.
But it is too late! no second chance for her!
You still have that chance so grab that opportunity while it lasts, for as it is said opportunity comes knocking at your door but just once.
Vanity is the gains of this world,He is all you need.
Christ is all we need, for life without Christ is Crises.

Awesome God

Awesome God, You are to me,
You are Glorious and Majestic;
The ancient of days, Your name is Jehovah.
All kings bow down before your mighty throne; for You are the King of kings and The Lord of lords
Your wisdom is profound and surpasses the depths of the deepest ocean and the heights of the highest mountains.

Awesome God, You are to me,
You shake the earth from its place and make its pillars tremble.
The pillars of heaven tremble at Your rebuke.
You speak to the sun and it dares not shine.
You move mountains without their knowing and overthrows them in Your anger.
You alone stretches out the heavens over empty space and hangs the earth upon nothing.

Awesome is my God
When it comes to strength,He is mighty
The greatest warriors and the world’s most strongest cannot stand just a touch of His finger tips.
Wonder is Your name
You who performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.
You are capable of even cracking a palm kernel with an egg just to disgrace a stone.
His powers calms the sea.

Awesome God you are to me
You who knows the end from the beginning.
I AM THAT I AM is Your name
You who created the universe and all that dwelleth therein with Words.
One who parted the Red Sea and delivered His people from their oppressors.
You are the same yesterday,today and forever.
You keep on making ways where there are none even now in the sight of my enemies.

Awesome God You are to me
He is so glorious that even the moon and the stars are nothing compared to His glory.
God is almighty yet despises none!
Perfect in understanding and does not reward the wicked with his blessings, but gives them their full share of punishment.
He does not ignore the good men but honors them upon eternal, kingly thrones.
He is so great that we cannot begin to know Him and no one can begin to understand eternity.
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with You and the Word was Yourself.
All things were made by Your wonderful hands and without You was nothing made that was made
Indeed my God is awesome.

Awesome God, You are to me
You are the consuming fire;
The fire that consumes stones,dust and even licks up water.
He became Poor yet Rich
A Lamb yet a Lion
Fully man yet fully God
The Genesis yet the Revelation
His Blood! His Blood liberated all men from the bondage of sin.
The Blood! the Blood that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

Awesome You are to me
You who draws up water vapor and then distills it into rain which the skies pour down.
Can anyone really understand the spreading of the clouds and the thunders within?
He wraps the rain in His thick clouds,and the clouds are not split by the weight.
He sets a boundary for the ocean.
Yes!He sets boundaries for the day and night too.
He imagined the sun and gave light to its source yet conceals it to bring us coolness of night.
None can fathom your majestic nature.
He sees lightening bolts and tells them where they should go.And YES! His awesome presence is felt in the thunder.
May all sinners be warned!

Indeed my God is awesome
For He is Unshakable,Unstoppable,Unmovable,Unchangeable,Undoubtable, untamable,uncontainable and unconquerable
always doing the impossible,the Unthinkable,the Unpercieveable yet achieving the Unachievable and attaining the Unattainable.

The love talk

I hear lovers talk about how it feels to be in love.
I see the actions of people in love.
The big smile on their faces spoke loud enough.
I never could understand them, for I had not experienced a thing like that.
You came my way but I refused to see your beauty and pushed you away.
I rejected you so many times but you never gave up on me.
My anthem was “it is better to fall in a pit and break my leg than to fall in love and break my heart”.
The only gift I could give you was to bring pain to your tender heart yet still u loved me unconditionally.
Your love is like an ocean, endless and so wide beyond measure.
So tell me which kind of heart would not accept a heart like yours?
Then this beautiful thing happened to me.
It completely changed my personality;
Your love changed me.
It took away my blindfold and now I see.
Until I met you, I never thought life was this beautiful.
I finally met my love and I feel so much alive.
I promise to give you my all for you deserve even more than I can possibly offer.
But then people say I have too many flaws and that i am not fun to be with;
This always passes through your ear and out through the other,but through it all you still chose me and showed me love selflessly.
Even in my perfect imperfections you still remained by my side regardless of what others said.
Now I feel so much connected that nothing can get us disconnected.
I look through you and I see myself, such a perfect mirror.
I think about you every moment I take to breath.
The day your thoughts will escape me is when i will cease to function for
your thoughts never leave me.
I feel you much closer to me than even the hair on my skin that a day without you is worthless and a day wasted.
You holding my hands amidst my storms gives me hope.
How can my heart refuse to open up to your kind?
With such a heart warming personality.
Always there for me and at the right time.
Now I regret not getting to know you early on.
Everyday with you I feel like the first day I encountered you.
I fall in love over again each morning with you by my side.
This feeling is so deep sometimes I just cannot fathom.
Your eyes melts my heart like wax.
Your smile pierces through me to revive my weak body.
With you I feel so much secured for as I countlessly fell you kept me safe.
I will love you forever for you are the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me.
Now, I have not only stories but beautiful memories.
I love you is even an understatement for words cannot describe my feelings towards you.
I love you Lord!

I need a Hand

I need a hand
Sometimes I just do not understand how things work.
How I find myself doing things I do not want to do is still a mystery unto me.
Happiness comes from things I do not want but never lasts.
How then do I keep this happiness ?
That which comes from what is right; that which cannot be quenched.
I manage to walk on the right path and just as things begin to fall in place, I sway from that path.
Why is it so difficult to walk on this path?
Is it because it is narrow and slippery?
No! I think it is because I am wavering.
I have done everything humanly possible yet I end up falling.
My strength has drained away like water and all my bones are out of joint.
How can I be moving forward and backwards at the same time.
Is that even possible?
I take a step forward and three steps backwards.
I am such an unstable being!
I am carried along in any direction the wind blows.
Sometimes I am full of myself other times happiness totally escapes from me like light chasing out darkness.
My eyes are dim with weeping and I am but a shadow of myself now.
Death binds me with chains and the floods of ungodliness mounts a massive attack against me.
Trapped and helpless I struggle against the ropes that drew me to death.
I need a hand!
A hand other than human hand to help me for something inside me is driving me away from the right path.
I give up! My strength cannot fight this!
I agree with sarkodie and efya that the “Devil inside me” is keeping me off the right path.
I am all Yours now, Lord have your way.
For in your strength I can scale any wall.

I am done Regretting!


As I sat in the coldness of the night reflecting on my life,
all the good, the bad moments,
and the crazy yet awesome people I had met.
Some I passed by, some I carried along and some i dropped along the way.

I sat regretting a million times on decisions made in life and the people I invested my time and energy in,
a routine it was, which I enjoyed like a favorite meal.
As a young girl with regrets as my daily meal,what good will become of my future?

I was never willing to live in the future for I held onto my past like a girl holding onto the love of her life.
Many times I sat regretting things I could have done but never did.
I mostly stayed silent not because I had nothing to say; but because I was enjoying my favorite meal.

Until now my life was based on regrets without thinking of how to be the person I want to be.
I was so worn out like the sole of the shoes of a poor man.
Thank God I have seen the light.
This light has made my path so bright, now I realize regretting is a waste of happiness.

I was so heavy laden but now I feel so light like the feathers of a bird.
Life is too short to give all my time to the man called “regret”.
Once upon a time the things I regret now were exactly what I needed.

Now I say I am done!
I say this for I have stepped out of those moments.
I have learnt my lessons; now I am moving on.
I am done regretting for those situations helped me become a better person and to know who I really am.
I discovered my capabilities as I sat to think of solutions instead of asking so many questions without answers.

I believe everything that happens to us does happen not for happening sake, but to teach, build and make us flexible enough to take on things ahead of us.
It is up to you to make good of your worse situation.
Believe in yourself and trust in Him and success is yours!
Appreciate the good things nature brings your way and stay positive for regret is just a waste of happiness.