Our world

This world, Beautiful yet ugly.
Filled with beautiful people yet ugly thoughts.
Welcome to this world where the rich rules and the poor suffers in the hands of the wicked;
Where the rich eats and the poor fights over leftovers.
Welcome to this world where people’s worth are measured by their possessions.
The unfortunate are overwhelmed by the superior strength of the rich and fall beneath their blows.
Whiles others break a leg to make ends meet others stay in dark alleys of the cities like hunters waiting to catch their victims, and like lions they crouch in silence waiting to pounce upon their victims.
They go into hibernation by day and are hyperactive by night.
The poor baby comes out of his mothers womb with a loud cry for his future in this cruel place…the peace he enjoyed has come to an end.
They say to themselves “God is not watching”,”He will never know”.
I tell you, It took just a moment for the thief who never gets caught to be handcuffed.
Time they say is a thief so make hay whiles the sun is still up.
I pray to God to make this place a better place for us, our children and our children’s children…

Who am i

They say I am inferior because I have no money…and all iv got is a penny
They say I am poor for I am not known by many…I am only known by my mummy.
They say I am below standard for I do not follow the standards of the world… I set standards
They say I am a social misfit for I am of the word and not of the world
They say I am weak because I am not physically built…david has more to share on that
They say I am poor because my house doesn’t have a gate but that doesn’t matter for I know I am rich because the earth and its fullness belongs to my father.
I say I am rich because I have life and in abundance through Christ
I say I am somebody because I breath the same air with the people who say I am nobody…we both pay nothing
I am somebody because I walk on the same ground as those who say I am nobody
I am somebody because I am an earthen vessel ready to burst out heavenly treasures to do exploits in no time
I am who God says I am and He knows me by my full name
So I ask, who are you?

I lost something

I lost something
Something precious to me,
Something which cannot be bought.
So unique and exceptional.
I feel the void created so much for you are no where to be found.
I cannot share my thoughts with any other for you are the only one I feel comfortable around.
My backbone, it is difficult to walk without You in place.
How come I realize your worth now that you are not with me?
I have eyes but never saw your true nature.
For so long I wondered, how could I have lost something that precious,
Did I not value it??
memories never want to leave me no matter how hard I try for you printed them so hard on the tablets of my heart.
There is so much space in me I feel practically empty.
They say you never know the worth of something until it is gone; I say, we know but never think it could be lost so they are never protected.
How I wish the hands of time could be turned,but then wishes are not horses…
Thinking of it, would I have done something different if you were still with me?
No! I would have treated you exactly the same or even worse.
Now i have learnt my lessons and I pray I come across your kind again, if not you.
When I come across you again I will hold onto you tight and protect you so I don’t loose you again.
Until then I will keep searching.

He Cares

It is amazing how I talk about being in love with you but only remember you when I’m in need.
How I want to be with you forever but i actually do not care that much about you.
How I turn away as soon as I get what I want from you is mind blowing.
The beautiful thing is that you are always there ready to fix me.
How patient you are on me,
Even when I do not acknowledge what you always do for me, you still ready and willing any day to lend a helping hand.
What manner of love is this!
Why are you so mindful of me?
I don’t get it.
Can’t you find someone who can treat you better than I do?
Tell me, what is so special about me?
You share in my moments especially the bad ones,
You comfort me and light up the candle in me but
Joyous moments are shared with people who bring me sorrow.
Is it in my nature to reject good things and always embrace the bad?
My attitude towards you is unbearable but why do you still tolerate me?
I want to put you first but other things keeps coming up.
No one cares for me like you do…that I know.
This is absolutely what I call unconditional and priceless!
Your love has changed me; it completely has!
I will from now invest in you as you have always done for me for I searched but got sorrow instead but in you I find joy and strength.
Never leave me for I will give you my all, as u gave me your fullness.
One thing I know is that, where there is a will,there is a way so please help me stay connected to you.