Hand over

On the soft cozy bed I laid,

Thoughts weighing me down, almost

breaking my bed.

Where would I have been without you?

How would I have survived on this

strange land alone, but then an

uncommon and unmerited Favor

found me unexpectedly.

Just like achieving the Unachievable,

You reached me when I was

unreachable and held my hands when

I was untouchable.

You made my life beautiful as the stars

in the dark sky,

But as I wandered in this world like a

lonely moon in the big sky I was

actually Ignorant of who I really am.

I actually seemed sober

But then deeper thoughts got me


With precious time passing swiftly like

the rushing river,

I thought my life was already over.

But You came and made me bolder,

My whole life I surrender,

And my heart, to you I render.

everything I have i hand over,

So thirsty my heart yearned for something sweeter

Your well of life never dries for it is

deeper and never bitter,

Drank from it and got transformed,

My heart took the lead and my lips,

hands and feet had no option than to

follow therefore I do not belong to me

no more.

You paid the price for me and now I

am yours.

You gave me life and so much more.

You opened my eyes and now I see.

Staying hidden was the deal, but you

uncovered me and now your beautiful

nature is expressed through me.

As the sun smiles at me day in and out

so will I praise you unconditionally.

You are good

My heart wept blood; It got wounded,

oh it bled so bad,

Tears of pain it was.

I felt your pain when I gained


On that rugged wood; you hanged,

For my sake the whole world looked

down on you.

You could have changed your mind,

but no! you decided to walk that road.

Love indeed is willing to get hurt.

Breaking my chains caused your life

but It never ended there…with you I

lacked nothing.

You are super amazing

No man could do what you did and

what you keep doing.

Despite my flaws you watch me

complete revolutions around the sun

without loosing a thin hair on my


How does one find the right word for

joy for words cannot explain my state

of excitement now.

I am elated, knowing that I am

spending a lifetime with the one

person in the world that fits perfectly.

You are the one; Yes you are!

I am so much blessed.

Laying down your life for my heart is

just enough

You are all I need

I’m glad I am going to spend eternity in

your arms.

I Am Yours

Right from the scratch
My heart belonged to you
I tried kicking you out but then you refused to leave, it also had to happen; it just had to, and as it is said, “Whatever would be would be”.
You allowed me run around and still captured me when I went too far.
I could not let go of myself,
I kept wondering, would this last forever?
Suffered heartbreaks; Never want another
Being grabbed by fear and entangled by doubt
To give in or not I pondered but Iike rushing water, I could not hold back this feeling…I could not control it anymore…
I finally stretch out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.
I am blown away any time you are near me
People get close some get even closer but none saw what I see in you
I cannot let go now…I am taking this chance
Like a mystery yet to unfold
A piece of you is uncovered every moment I am with you
Your presence makes me cry not because I’m sad but overjoyed.
I do not want to live in regret so I surrender my heart to you
The home of my heart is with you
You are where I rightfully belong
God, you are my safe haven.

Your Smile

It goes down so deep like an ocean and it never ends
Like a path winding across the horizon
over mountains, across seas through blue skies never ceasing, continuous.
What would I do without your smile.
That which speaks louder than words.
Whenever you smile at me, the world does same.
That which turns situations around and brings light to my path.
Just looking into my eyes brings butterflies in my tommy.
Making me feel easy and uneasy, comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.
The entire universe conspired in helping me find you,for I tried to run away from you but ended up chasing you without knowing.
Like a permanent tattoo on my
skin: you cannot be erased and
like my favorite song; I cannot take you off my playlist.
Once upon a time there was a girl who loved someone, and His laughter was a question she wanted to spend her whole life answering.
I’m glad to be the one answering all the questions.
Your smile is the kind that awakens my soul and makes me reach out for more; plants fire in my heart and brings peace to my mind.
You have given me such beautiful things in life and that is what I hope to give you forever.
You have my heart dear God.