You are good

My heart wept blood; It got wounded,

oh it bled so bad,

Tears of pain it was.

I felt your pain when I gained


On that rugged wood; you hanged,

For my sake the whole world looked

down on you.

You could have changed your mind,

but no! you decided to walk that road.

Love indeed is willing to get hurt.

Breaking my chains caused your life

but It never ended there…with you I

lacked nothing.

You are super amazing

No man could do what you did and

what you keep doing.

Despite my flaws you watch me

complete revolutions around the sun

without loosing a thin hair on my


How does one find the right word for

joy for words cannot explain my state

of excitement now.

I am elated, knowing that I am

spending a lifetime with the one

person in the world that fits perfectly.

You are the one; Yes you are!

I am so much blessed.

Laying down your life for my heart is

just enough

You are all I need

I’m glad I am going to spend eternity in

your arms.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Salty says:

    9ce Piece…He z nt Only Good bt Also KIND

    Bless u Dear


  2. De-love says:

    Nice one dere… Great piece. The greatest love of all exhibited by Jesus christ


  3. felmens says:

    Wonderful, yes you’re good. Keep it up Prisy.


  4. raymond says:

    God bless u Prilla for availin urslf to Him n allowin God to channel such powerful words in da form of poetry thru u to da world…keep makn da world a better place…
    I sing u do poetry (serious ministry)…we make good frnds,anaa…


  5. Gideon says:

    Oh yea! The Lord is good.
    Bless you Priscy


  6. DIVINE says:

    Wow, Wow really inspiring and Touching quote, yu. Got it all dear; spelling out Jesus’s work in Poetry: that’s really Unique. Yu gat it all. . .


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