Fare thee well 2014

Alas we are here!

A successful journey around the sun

With all the disappointments, pain, joy,

sorrow, achievements and everything

else that came along with this year,

I still made it.

And now I am dancing around the

throne of glory.

Oh hallelujah!

The favored ones made it but the

unfortunate fell as dry leaves fall off a


On this day, people run to the mercy

seat as the dear pants for water.

Another year of uncovered potentials,

Another cycle of the unrealized


Procrastination taking a better part of

the year leaving a whole lot

unattended to.

A new year is about to be birthed out.

As we draw the curtains on 2014,

Another one is being opened.

As 2014 doors are being closed,

2015 doors are being opened.

Everything that has a beginning, surely

has an end.

All I said to 2014 was “please be nice

to me” but no “he” decided to show

me diverse colours.

Some unexpected others close to


You got me laughing, dancing, caught

up and even teary-eyed.

The most amazing thing is, from

January to December,He never left me.

He told me so far as he has started

with me, He will end with me.

Indeed He is the Alpha and Omega.

Reflected on my actions, the good

ones I’m carrying along and the

bad, dropping it at the entrance as I

enter 2015.

With a loud cry I say fare thee well

2014 and with glorious shout i

welcome 2015.

2015 please be good to me.

And as we begin a new year let us

begin with our Maker for nothing can

be completed without Him.

Always remember to wash your face in

the morning in the presence of God.

God first.

Take Me Deeper


My heart beats forever just to know


It beats so fast that I would have been

in debt if it were a meter.

There is no life without you and

without you, my life is worthless for

you make up my whole being.

You have exactly all that I need and


In your presence I want to go deeper

so I am reaching out…

Your love is brighter than the sun

always shining and never goes dim.

The Rays of your love are always

incident on me…no scattering.

Your love is unfailing and never grows


Where I go, you go…you never leave


Your love keeps chasing me and when

I fall, you are right there to pick me up.

You set my heart on fire, and it burns

in me.

You are all I need

My eyes are solely fixed on you and

none other.

I wanna drown so deep in your love

with no one to rescue for I never

wanna be rescued.

Your love sets me free.

As the day goes by, my feelings get


To be in your arms, I cannot wait any


See through my heart and you will

know that the feeling is deeper.

Day and Night my thoughts are for


I’m reaching out for you for I want to

dive deeper in your love.

fling the doors of ur heart wide open

so I could come running to the place

where I can find satisfaction.

Take me deeper for there is nothing

sweeter than being in your arms.

My Gift To You


What If I am to give you something to

prove my love for you, as well as a gift

to show you how deep my feelings are,

what would that actually be?

We both know that I have not acquired

much on earth but then I will not let it

affect my presentation.

I need to get something wider than the

Amazon river…deeper than the ocean

and higher than the highest mountain.

Fortunately for me you already have

full control over such things.

Therefore here is what I offer unto

you, my life, my soul, my body, my

heart, I give unto you.

My everything to you I give, my love

take it.

I give myself away for that is the one

thing that is so precious to you else

you would not have given your son up

for me.

The songs I sing, the poems I write, my

dance moves, my basketball

skills…every breathe that I take, every

day of my life and any other thing you

gave to me,i rededicate all back to you.

Everything I do is for you for I owe you

more than I can give.

So faithful and true…I get goose

bumps just thinking about you and

there is absolutely nothing I will not do

for you.

I give you my best Lord for you are the

love of my life.

Your Presence


I love it when you near me for your

presence makes me sober.

It feels great to know that you love me

this much.

How did this just happen to me?

So unexpected!

Your tender touch makes me feel


I never want you out of my sight for

even a second for your presence is

simply awesome.

I want to sit at your feet so I can

always drink from the cup in your


Nothing softens me more than being

in your presence, recognizing your

love and all the things you do for me.

If I could reach up and hold a star for

every time you have made me smile,

the entire evening sky would be in the

palm of my hand.

They just don’t get it…the world

cannot comprehend why I trust you

this much.

Why I believe so much in you

but have not set eyes on you yet.

Though it’s hard to believe I tell them

you are inside me.

They say I am lonely for I’m actually in

a distant relationship with you.

Lonely? No, how can i be lonely when

you are always on my mind.

I always looked for someone I could

live with but ended up finding

someone I cannot live without.

I have a pair of eyes but cannot see

him everyday, a pair of ears but

cannot hear his voice all the time, but i

have one heart thats always in contact

with him.

This may seem impossible With your

eye for the eyes of men cannot see the

blissful future unless they borrow the

telescope of faith and wipe the misty

breath of their doubts from the glass,

look through it and behold the coming


I always saw myself through other

people’s eyes until your presence

made me realize who I really am.

Where my courage ends my heart

finds strength in Your presence.

My fear is totally broken in your


My eyes are blind without your eyes to

see, like a rose without color.

I never want you out of my life dear


One More Mile

When I’m down and my soul is weary,

When I feel I do not belong where I am

When all is lost and thoughts of giving

up engulfs me,

He keeps whispering softly to my

hearing ‘My grace is sufficient’.

Then again he lifts me high above the

ground so I can stand on mountains.

Removes all obstacles on my path so I

can walk smoothly.

He lifts me up so I can walk on the

stormy sea.

When I am so burdened he says to

me ‘come to me for my yolk is lighter’.

Sometimes all you have to do is close

your eyes and see with your heart

because appearance is deceptive.

Block your ears and listen with your

heart so no one walks through your

mind with their dirty feet.

Let your heart do all the sensing for

out of it comes the issues of life.

With him in the boat I can comfortably

smile at the storm.

He is the simplified version of life for

he says with me, all things are


I am human, Ofcourse I am weak

Yes I am, but in my weakness his

strength is made perfect in me.

Never give up, keep going for just a

mile more and that record will be


What matters

I try so hard because the world is


I have to live right because i have got

all eyes on me.

I thought it was good but then again I

realized it was a waste of time.

Even though I tried to please others I

sometimes get my satisfaction, and as

I kept listening to them their standards

kept raising…standards I try So hard to

keep up with.

I tend to make them my lords and try

to attain their every desire so I could

be applauded.

They try to push me to do what seems

right in their sight making me loose

focus and missing the actual target.

Living my life like it belonged to others

caused my abilities to be overlooked,

buried and never to be uncovered.

They tried to mould me into what I am

not, making me loose track of His

original will concerning my life.

I know I am unique for there is just a

single me in this universe but then

why do I keep listening to them

instead of my Owner ?

I guess my true worth, I actually did

not know.

I am left with pieces of who I was and

who I really am

Now I’m tired already

I give up going by the standards of the


I acknowledge you my savior for you

are the author and finisher of my life.

All that matters to me now is you

What you say is what I will go by

All that matters is what you see when

you look at me and what you feel

when you think of me.

I don’t need any other eye than yours,

I do not want to please none other but


No more distraction, all my attention is

with only you

I wasted my time thinking I can

become who they want me to be but

in actual sense even if I have keys I

need permission in other to drive

someone’s car.