I Need More


Sitting on my dwarf wall playing with

words to make a sentence.

I prolly might not make sense,

But It is all to glory of the God of


I just want to stop writing on His


but I cannot for his presence is the

very essence for my existence .

He has got the license to put me in


But the suspense He brings to my life

is pretty intense.

But then that is what makes His

presence amazingly sensational.

Without His presence my life is of no


I just want people to know that your

presence is of great importance.

I hunger and thirst for Your presence

more than anything,

And for that I am never satisfied…

always wanting more and more.

In Your presence old things are made

new even in human senescence.

The atmosphere around me is so

dense with Your awesome presence.

This is no pretense, for Your presence

is so glorious I sometimes cannot

explain with my tense.

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Benedicta says:

    love dis ” for his presence is de very essence of my existence ” God bless u sis. keep it up


  2. Over T says:

    I Love this piece


  3. Over T says:

    Sweetheart keep it up


  4. raymond says:

    God bless u so much sis…may He continue to fill your thoughts with mind blowing words and direct your hands to write amazingly…love still deepπŸ˜ŠπŸ™


  5. Chester says:

    Nyc work n keep it up πŸ‘


  6. Prince B-Y says:

    Great piece. Keep it up, Dear.


  7. Prince B-Y says:

    Great piece! God bless you. Keep it up, Dear.


  8. Trouble_jnr says:

    Nice Piece


  9. felmens says:

    Wow, great piece Papberry. I really do Need More


  10. Salty says:

    dz z realy Deep sayings, Of a FACT; Der z no EXISTENCE Widout hz PRESENCE !!

    Need Him MORE !


  11. felmens says:

    Reblogged this on felmens.


  12. heckmalamine says:

    😒 simply amazing


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