Finding Me

My nights, overshadowed by thoughts as sleep eludes my precious eyes.

Temperature rising beyond normal like life on the desert even in
the coldness of the night.

Failures of yesterday brings tears to my weakened eyes.

Uncertainties of tomorrow weakens my bones to the core.

Feeling my heart beat like the sound of a gong gong bringing news to a township.

Day in day out, I am trying to find me.

Digging through the depth of my heart to understand me.

Putting on my nikes to go jogging through the corridors of my mind just to find me.

Crossing borders and breaking boundaries to let the real me out.

Why do I feel uneasy on this journey to find me?

Is it because I’m on the wrong path?

Then I thought to myself, I cannot enter into a house without permission from the owner.

I might enter a forbidden room or get bitten…

So my Maker, teach me the inside out of this clay you moulded.

Ditching your manual “THE WORD” has landed me nowhere but the land of confusion.

Help me know You better so through You the complete me will be made