The Engrafted Word

The Word is the most powerful tool.
Sophisticated than a two edged sword.
Never stagnated but goes down into intricate parts of the inner man and dissects everything found within.
The word is life and yes! The Word is God.
At His voice the mountains melts as wax and the hills skip as kids.
He commanded the entire universe and it came into form.

Out of the sound of His voice came the words;
Let there be light, and let it be bright.
Let there be day, and let there be night
He also set boundaries for protection and said, let it be tight.
The Word, my fortress.
Though the mountains crumble and the oceans rage.
war against my soul the devil may wage,
Though the storms turned my smile into a fake,
And my life like a pool of sorrow in which I drown, yet will I stand unshakable as long as it lasts for God is my refuge.

When the enemy comes in like a flood that Word knows how to swim.
When fire rages, the Word knows how to hold its breath.
When the wind starts blowing, that Word is anchored.
When the sun starts to blaze, the Word knows where to find shade.
The word does these when it takes up residence in your heart.
So I say to unto you
Receive with meekness the Engrafted word of God which is able to save your soul now and forever.