Rejected for his tattered garment not His personality.
Not once, not twice but as many times He was encountered in every vicinity.
Scrutinized For he had no apparel of royalty.

With eyes but without sight; blinded by the prince of the earth, we were robbed of seeing the God in him.
Judged for humility,
Hated for sincerity,
Envied for capability,
But they still marveled at his inability to deceive,
His ability to cast out demons and His operations outside normality!

Through it all He was not discouraged
in his quest to save humanity,
But followed through to lead us into eternity.
By His blood all chains were broken
and impenetrable fortresses were shattered in pieces .
He laid down his crown and picked up the position of a servant into death for you and my sake.
The only thing we can at least try to do is to live for Jesus because he died for humanity.