Day 11 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge



Today, i am supposed to fill you guys in on my 10 favorite foods.
So let’s move, my fingers are itchy already😅.

10 favorite foods
I want to let you all know that i enjoy local Ghanaian dishes a lot more than the others😉.

1.Jollof Rice with chicken
2.Yam and Palava Sauce with tuna
3.Waakye (it is a rice and beans combination)
4.Rice Balls with groundnut soup and Chicken plus some fish😘
5.fufu and groundnut soup…I can take anything with groundnut soup.
6.Yam/cocoyam porridge with all the fresh goodies in it.
7.Mashed kenkey(kenkey is a corn meal)
8.I love noodles (indomie with lots of veggies and some fried egg and others…)
9.Pizza and other junk foods…lol( I don’t take that much though, that is why it is at number 9)
10.I love drinks, bread,milk, ice cream and chocolates too.

Day 11 conquered!
Thanks for the love my sweet berries😘😘.
Let’s met again tomorrow God willing.
Be safe🙏.


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  1. somawrites says:

    Palava sauce piqued my interest… must be very spicy!

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    1. Papberry says:

      You see that thing!

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