When you go through trials…


Our Christian journey cannot be free of trials, we need trials to grow and to move out of our comfort zone into a place where we will start thinking outside the box we have fixed ourselves into.

Now let us take the relationship we have with Christ as that between a student and a teacher and learn something out of it.

You will bear with me that a very obedient student who tries his possible best to excel at all he does is liked by all. Even if his strength is not sufficient for certain tasks he readily gets help because everyone knows him to be hardworking.

Now in the classroom, the teacher is supposed to meet the needs of every student and therefore, it is also the duty of the student to pay attention and take notes, so that in time of need he can refresh his memory with the notes taken. Also if there is something the student does not understand whiles the teacher is still teaching, he must draw the attention of the teacher so that he will receive immediate attention. But if the student goes home and realizes that he did not really understand what was taught, then he must look for someone who is higher in understanding so that he will help him understand what baffles him.

We know that before a student gets promoted to a different level or stage, he must undergo a test to prove that all or at least a high percentage of what he was taught has been assimilated well. One thing we find interesting here is that no matter how close a student is to the teacher, in the test room, he cannot speak to the teacher and vice versa, the best the teacher can do is to smile at the student. During the test period the teacher trusts his students to pass the test because he knows his strength and have set questions based on that, it is only a wicked teacher who will set a test based on what he has not taught hoping that the student will fail.

At the end of the test the students who passed makes the teacher proud and exceptional cases are when brilliant students who are expected to do better fall below the mark, when this happens the teacher gets disappointed but then again he moves on to call the student and ask why that happened and try to encourage that person to put all weight aside and continue working hard because his future depends on it, the student is encouraged and his faith also shoots up, when this happens, he resumes to being the person everyone knows him to be.

This is what our relationship with Christ looks like, one will say i feel dejected now that i am going through crises, i feel Christ far away from me and he doesn’t even talk to me anymore. Note, that the teacher is always silent during a test.and when you are faced with difficult situations and nothing seem to be working well for you as a Christian, know that you are due for promotion, and so just focus on passing that test.


Know that you are in the test room and according to 1 Corinthians 10:13 you will not be tested beyond what you have not been taught. Also know that whatever thing that you are going through Christ is smiling at you because He trusts you, as His brilliant, hardworking student, who has been prepared well enough to pass the test you are undertaking that very moment.

Keep this in mind, God will always win no matter what!  So do not fear or be bothered when the storms seem to overshadow you, trust the process and you will surely come out victoriously.

God bless you.


Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for the gift of life. Please forgive my errors and make my ways straight. I pray that you will give me a personal revelation on this word so i will understand it better. I know that all things are working for my good therefore help me to trust you against all odds. Dear Lord, even when i loose hope, please remind me that your plans are always better than my dreams. Help me so that i do not end up disappointing you, i do admit that i am weak and that my strength can do nothing but with you, i can do all things. Cause a leap in my faith in you, and help me dwell in your secret place always. Thank you Lord for hearing me in Jesus’s name have I prayed, Amen.


20 thoughts on “When you go through trials…

  1. This is a famous Quote. The Teacher is Always Silent during a Test.
    When I was in deep Depression, I also felt that there is no one to hear me. Then I kept my brain alive by reading and reading, Positive Sermons and Positive Quotations from the Net.
    Then I Understood that Jesus Our Lord is Beside us. He Will Definitely carry me through the Storm and go past the Devils.

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  2. I LOVED this post it spoke volumes to me and my daughter !!
    I love how the Lord uses all venues such as other people, music, and blogs to speak to us. I re-blogged !!
    I pray God blesses you as you truly are a blessing – keep letting your light shine for Jesus !!

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