The long lasting fragrance


I found it. No! I found Him.

Not by might but grace.

The personified fragrance;

The long lasting fragrance.

That which smells better than a field of roses.

The fragrance that reaches more than a thousand miles

for it is unbound and unlimited.

Pleasing is the fragrance of His perfume,

And His name, like a perfume poured out.

So sweet and irresistible.

No wonder the young women love Him!

Take me with you- let us hurry!

I want to stay with you, I want to bath with

Your fragrance so you can enter through

my pores and invade my system.

You are the fragrance that cannot be bought with money,

the most expensive yet the most easy to acquire;

even the poor have much access to you.

Once we encounter you,

your strong scent  infiltrates our body,

mind and soul no matter the smoke-like

Perfumes we’ve already won.

I’ve been captured and locked in the Son

and as an ambassador, I showcase in the Son,

the Father, by wearing the sweet fragrance of the Son always,

Yes it is possible! For the Father and Son are one.

Join me wear Jesus forever for His fragrance leads to the Father.


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