“Give me your hand,” says a father to his young daughter as they get ready to cross a busy street. With her father’s strong right hand wrapped around her tiny fingers, the girl feels safe, unafraid. 

As human as we are, we easily get distracted by things happening around us. When the unexpected happens suddenly we tend to lose focus and let go of the hand we’re holding onto.
For this reason we need someone stronger to hold us at all times, and not the other way.

The one giving us the support must be the one holding onto us, that way we are sure that no matter what comes at us, He won’t let go… He will go through the storm with us and ensure our safety.

Have you ever wished that someone could take your hand and safely lead you through life’s uncertainties? If so, you may find comfort in these words… 
Isaiah 41:13

I am holding you by your right hand-I, the Lord your God- and I say to you, Don’t be afraid;I am here to help you.

Wow! How comforting…
The right hand signifies strength, perhaps because most people are right-handed and that is the hand that normally has their greatest strength. Most people write with their right hand, they do the most difficult things with their right hand, and it is the hand where the strength typically occurs.
So when God tells us that He is holding us by the right hand, it means He is strengthening us, where we faint His strength puts us back on our feet.

Do not be afraid,” God tells His people. You know these are not just empty words right? God explains why His people do not need to fear: “For I am with you.” 
This means that He is not a distant source of aid, promising only to arrive in time to help in moments of need. He wants his people to know that he is with them, by their side and ever ready to support them. Is that not a comforting thought?

He tells us not to look about in all directions to see whether there is anything that can harm us all because He is our God and He is light, wherever light is darkness disappears!!.” 

If you have the most High God, the almighty, and the all powerful God as your Father why would you fear? Unless you don’t trust Him.
He promises to hold you by your right hand and give you help. What do you think of when you hear those words? 

This verse present a powerful picture of a parent and a child. You know The father does not merely stand by to defend, but he is also physically with the child; he will not allow the child to be separated from him. God will not allow his people to be separated from him, even during what may seem to be the darkest moments in their life.

Believers today (you inclusive) can also find much comfort in the words Isaiah recorded. We may at times feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life. But we do not have to face such challenges alone. God is willing to reach out and grasp our hand. Like trusting children, we can hold on to his mighty hand, confident that he will lead us in the right direction and help us in our time of need. Hallelujah!

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