Get Set

It is great to meet you again. I trust you have been well? Here is another piece worthy of pondering over. Enjoy…

One thing I have learnt rather through the hard way is that when opportunity dawns, it will be too late to prepare. But Blessed and happy is the man whose preparation meets opportunity.

Everybody dreams. Oh yeah. Well, some say they do not dream at night so I do not mean it in that sense. The reality is that we don’t only sleep to dream. Beneath the scorching sun one can have the greatest dreams. Consciously or not one may harbor a desire- that is the dream I am talking about.

If we all have dreams is it not pathetic therefore to learn that just a handful of people actively work on their dreams whereas the great majority are busily sunken in perpetual narcolepsy the purpose of which to keep dreaming?

A story is told of a winner of a beauty pageant who after winning the contest gave a powerful speech to the astonishment of her audience that it attracted a never ending applause and yet it was supposed to be just an ‘ordinary’ victory speech for which no one really thinks highly of .

In a subsequent interview the curious journalist asked the winner how she was able to pull such a stunt especially when it was a contest and anybody could have been named a winner.

To this she replied, ‘ I have walked on that stage a thousand times. That speech I gave was written when I was thirteen. I always knew I was going to do this someday and I could not afford not to prepare before the time comes.

Beloved always endeavor to deliver more than it is expected of you. Many people can meet the demands of an opportunity when they are informed ahead of time. The real deal are those who are able to seize the moment. They are those who prepare in their closet lives and they rise to the occasion whenever they are called upon.

For the sake of tomorrow we sacrifice today.

Do you have a glimpse of your purpose or ministry? What are you waiting for?

Abraham Lincoln lived by this principle so he said ‘I will prepare and may be some day my time will come’. If you only live in the light of the present dilly-dallying you would at your best be a mediocre.

So GET SET! for there will be no time when you hear GO!…Reflect on these…

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