It is a beautiful week and we’re most grateful for the gift of life.

Even as we go about our schedules, it is only expedient we take some minutes off to do some reflections. Below is something worth brooding over.

Butterflies are beautiful. They are a sight to behold-especially the most colorful ones.

But who stops to think about how that beautifully colored insect got to that point as to be held in such an esteem? You don’t. I don’t either. Or maybe you do but who cares? We are all concerned about the product init?

The stages of growth of the butterfly is not a pleasant sight. You may call it an eyesore and you would still be kind. Prior to the point of developing the ability to fly are periods of struggle. The wretched-looking and sometimes feacal stained (depending on how unlucky it is) egg(first stage)goes through certain stages as destiny would have it. So basically, AN EGG CANNOT WISH ITSELF TO BE A BEAUTIFUL FLY!!! without passing through the necessary stages.

The cocoon stage fascinates me the most. Often you would be tempted to think nothing much happens since it is a period of isolation, gloom and loom. But alas, like the breaking of a brand new dawn, her royal majesty “BUTTER-the-FLY” will walk out of the enclosure with glamour. Subtly the cocoon says, “It is not what happened to me in exile that matters but rather my response to it.”

It is so for most finished products if not all. Often the results obtained from a manufacturing process are better appealing compared to their raw materials.

You probably may have seen the direction I am heading but permit me to drive the message home.

The message is simple. You my friend, is a butterfly in the making. You only look like a cocoon for now.

Many people seldom see beyond the present situation of people. Forgive them in advance for their myopic view of life. When the time of manifestation comes we all with gaping eyes and dropped-jaws will behold your beauty. So stick to the process my friend for destiny they say, like the growth of butterfly, happens in steps. Where you are is only a transitional cocoon stage.

Sometimes to get to the limelight one has to go through obscurity first…Reflect on these…

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  1. powerful!! Init?
    shared on my Facebook and Twitter timeline 😉

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    1. Papberry says:

      Yeah powerful!!😊
      Thanks for the share, dear.


      1. Bless you too dear 😉

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