Hi friends. We thank our Father for another wonderful week bestowed upon us.

Do you desire to be acknowledged as a ‘genius’ in your endeavor? Then go with me as we delve into a like matter. It would be kept brief.

If something must be done then certainly it must be done well, this sounds more of a cliche but to me it holds, even more now. These days, particularly in our part of the world , the excellence that should have been normal has become the exception because mediocrity has been exalted to be the standard.

Albeit, I have watched in awe how adept some people are in what they do. Often we wonder if they are humans at all because we cannot fathom how people could be that excellent in what they do while…

You see, there are evidences of geniuses in almost all fields. We talk highly of people whom by mastery of their skills have changed the course of history. We see them in football, arts and entertainment, business and commerce, name them.

In whatsoever field of life one decides to have a discourse on, there are names of people that will naturally pop up because they distinguished themselves in that field. For instance Mozart and Michelangelo(the list is endless) are household names in music and painting respectively.

Individuals who have excelled in certain areas of life have often been said to be talented. Yes talent is real, but in the course of time I will tell you what is more real. I have the inclination that everybody is talented to an extent- in one way or another. By virtue of one’s talent one is more likely to perform excellently well in a particular field. However, TALENT ALONE IS OVERRATED.

The best in a field are not always the most talented. Talent increases your capacity but does not necessarily make one do exploits. Since no one ‘lands’ on earth as master in any field, talent alone is certain to pale into oblivion if it is compared with constant practice. Adeptness therefore is seen in folks who by virtue of constant visitation have sharpened the swords of their talents. And what is constant visitation if it is not consistency? Whatever art you want to master you have to do it consistently. The secret thus is PRACTICE UNTIL IT BECOMES INSTINCTIVE.

Beloved behind MASTERY LIETH CONSISTENCY. No body builder visits the gym only at the times he feels like. It is not magic!

CONSISTENCY OF PRACTICE WILL BEAT TALENT(ALONE) ON ANY DAY. Add to your talent, constant practice.

What is it you desire to be identified as a guru and a lulu in? What endeavor do you want your name to be synonymous with? The secret to getting there is this; amongst many other things to consider, consistency should be indispensable.

Today, decide not to give up on that dream to play an instrument, the desire to be a poet, a footballer, a speaker etc. PROGRESS IS MADE BY DOING BUT MASTERY IS ACHIEVED BY REPETITION. You do not get control over things on the first attempt. We do it again, again and again until it becomes spontaneous. Do this and the rest will be history.

Reflect on these…

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