Reflections:Stick To The Process

Great to be with you again. To God be the glory.

Today, we need to remind ourselves about the need for fortication. Great things take time. Great people are also not built in a day. We must therefore learn to stick to the process of growth. Enjoy…

We are in the era of speed. A lot of people are moving faster than they can keep track of.  We see speed in our train stations, internet and even in food making but to mention a few. Our need for speed has sown some seeds of quick-fixes in our youth and elderly alike. No wonder folks will use all means- by hook or crook especially by crook- to get what they want, fast. To delay a little may mean in our time to be denied.

Every great venture is built methodically. Even destiny happens in steps. That is why it is from little acorns that great oaks grow. We like to go the easy way without having to go through the process. Well, we often forget that the easy way out is not always the best way out. The higher a building will go the more time is required at the foundation.

It is true for every quality venture as it is true even for character formation. A quick rise to fame without a strong character foundation is a quick fall into shame. Imagine raising a storey building on a scaffold. You can decorate and conceal the scaffold and present the building as a magnificent edifice. It cannot stand the test of time because the foundations are weak!

God has a wonderful plan for your life. He desires to take you places you never dreamt of. He however, desires to prepare you for the height He wants to take you. The path to greatness is a process. If you cheat it, it will show at a later time.

In the times of antiquity before a sword is carried to war it had to be tested for hardness, strength, flexibility and balance. Hard enough to cut, strong and flexible enough to absorb massive shocks and balanced enough so it can be wielded effectively.  As part of the process of sword making it is taken through tempering- a not so pleasant step where the metal is placed in fire, shown to light to identify any available pores. When any is identified the blade is hammered to make the part with the pores compact. This is done repeatedly till there are no pores. Without tempering the sword is not fit to be used in war. So a good battle-sword is one that can be easily controlled, does not break and can cut easily. Remember, it had to be tempered!

Beloved, that is what sticking to the process means. It means whilst we wait for our time of manifestation we build ourselves up so that when we come unto the stage we can rise to the occassion. A rise not on scaffolds but by dint of training and tempering.

It does not matter which area of endeavor. Sticking to the process matters everywhere. Get the end in sight but build up enough tenacity to keep the vision alive as it grows.

It is possible for an individual to be damned by greatness if he/she is not prepared for it. Build yourself up in the process of becoming for your time of manifestation is soon here.

Reflect on these…

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