Today’s Fragrance: Pain Ends

I once heard a very prominent woman of God say she loved trouble. My initial reaction was the usual, shocked.

But as I dug  deep into what she said I found the message resonating deep within my spirit.

Allow me to share with you.

Well, for my relatively short stay here on earth I can confidently say that trouble goes along with pain, they are like siblings.

First off, Jesus had to go through a hell of trouble with extreme pain associated, in order to get us out of the bondage of sin.

We live now in Christ, enjoying all the goodies embedded in the trouble He went through.

His selfless act of love on the cross brings us to a place where we find eternal rest in Himself.

God planned the redemption of man but it wasn’t going to be on a silver platter lest anyone belittle His wisdom.

Here are few examples of people who made something good out of the troubles that came their way…

Jesus had to go through all the pain to redeem man, that the glory of God will be made manifest and also that people will have proof of this redemption.

Joseph needed his brothers to sell him off to Potiphar, he also needed Potiphar’s wife to accuse him of adultery so he will be bound in prison…

Now here is where the problem lies for most of us.

But for Joseph, in that tight corner, he came to a realization of the God-given talent that could break him out of those bounds. So while he was in trouble, and was ceased from doing his normal daily activities, he worked on becoming a better person by nurturing the gift God had given him.

In prison Joseph moved from being a dreamer to an interpreter of dreams then to a prime minister. He became an economist as well as an agriculturist all because he took advantage of the trouble around him. He didn’t allow those troubles to dictate his future.

All these things happened when he was pushed out of his comfort zone.

We must begin to see beyond the norm to know that sometimes the troubles that come our way are opportunities or a bus that is taking us to the desired destination.

Don’t give up. Keep Hope alive because pain ends!


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