Don’t we all admire the beautiful brightly colored rose flowers?

Have you per any chance looked to see what’s beneath it? Or you only saw it when it got handed over to you on that special day?

Anyways, the next time you see a beautiful flower kindly take a look beneath it to see the messed up situation( the dirt) it came out of.

See, there is always darkness before we see the bright of the day.

Darkness here is likened to chaos, but I tell you that there are so many instances in God’s Word where, Every time there was chaos, God was getting ready to bring out something Extraordinary. Something unheard.

So, will you be the Joseph who will strategically position himself to be used for God’s glory, In  times of famine or whatever the challenge may be? Perhaps the zacchaeus who will look beyond the problem, giving no room for excuses but press on, to climb the tree to be noticed by the Savior?

Yes we know, no one loves trouble and obviously no one loves pain but if you will stand up and face the problems that come head on, fixing your eyes on Jesus the problem fixer, then man! You are in for an unexpected bountiful harvest amidst the famine.

Will you be the cry baby always waiting for help to suddenly appear without working towards it?

Allow me to say this…

The enemy hates to see an aggressive thinker in motion because whatever that person puts together by the grace of God advances God’s kingdom and depopulates hell.

Need I remind you? That you have that captability? Well I just did!Don’t burry them in tears wallowing in sorrow.

That guy knows you are capable and therefore tries to stir up the waters making it unstable for you to do any work. But do not be dismayed because all things are working for your good just like Joseph, God will use your story to glorify Himself!

People will see you and give glory to His name! Surely it will come to pass in Jesus name.

Bible reference; Genesis 45:5-8

One Comment Add yours

  1. AdriannaJ says:

    Amen Amen! I love it! God bless!


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