Today’s Fragrance: Hold What You’ve Got Tight

Scriptures:Revelation 2:25, 3:11

Amidst trials and great oppositions what is it that you hold on to? Is there something strong enough to keep us on our feet even though our present circumstances bid us to lay flat on the ground? I’m glad to announce that Yes! There is!

There come times that everything around us seem intangible, even though we have them we just cannot hold neither can we make use of them. Even so, to the believer there is one special thing that might also seem intangible, however the kind of faith you have in God is the tool or rather an extension of hand that will help you touch or lay hold of what seem intangible (God’s Word) causing the Word/promise of God to take on flesh in your life.

So, in times like these we cling to the promises of God, we personalize and confessing it! And with our faith in God raising to become mountains upon which we stand. We boldly declare that help is on the way and that God is meeting us at the point of our need.

Let us stand firm in God’s word and be not deceived. Let us hold on tightly even with the little strength we’ve got and push further as a woman in labor would in other to see the joy that crowns her labor.

When our circumstances are harsh and sorrows outnumber joys, Jesus shouts to us, “Hold everything you’ve got tight. I am coming and really soon! And with that promise, we hold on in faith and rejoice!


Lord, thank you for sending help my way in Jesus name amen.

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