Todays Fragrance: Don’t Worry About Them

And when the people saw it, they all muttered among themselves and indignantly complained, He has gone in to be the guest of and lodge with a man who is devoted to sin and preeminently a sinner. (Luke 19:7)

Don’t you think it’s high time you cared less about what they say?

MANY TIMES, people are not let in on all the hustles that precedes great success, even when they see, the will pretend not to have seen but when the results are shinning so bright that it cannot be ignored then boom! They come out with their pens and papers ready to dig out falsehood to tarnish the image you took years behind the scene to build, without anyone realizing that you even mattered.

I see this with the crowd that surrounded Jesus when He proceeded to Jericho but had to make some relevant stop because a man caught His attention.

This crowd never saw how Zacchaeus went out of his way to ran ahead and also climb that tree just to see Jesus. They never saw how Zacchaeus battled with thoughts of his physical nature becoming a reason why he could not get to what he truly desired. They never saw how he won the battle in his mind never to allow his present state become his future reality.

And finally, when all the hard work was beginning to pay off, for all to see, people had become bitter about it!

In the first place, all the gossips wanted was to walk in line with Jesus in the crowd. So how it is that they became bitter when someone in person of Zacchaeus sought for more?

Well, this should tell you that people will always talk about what you do, be it good or bad. They will be bitter because you have been blessed by the grace of God while working.

So why worry your pretty head about what they have to say anyways? Let them do what they please and you, keep on seeking!

Remember, If you go out of your way to seek God, He will get out of His way to bless you no matter what the crowd has to say.

Stay blessed!

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