Today’s Fragrance: The Much-Needed Gift

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So, don’t be troubled or afraid. (John 14:27)
WHILE JESUS was still with the disciples they had nothing to fear, I mean they had seen him do nothing but good to people, and to an extent even those who hated Him. By way of healing and other miracles the disciples believed that they were in safe hands and that Jesus was more than capable of taking care of His own.
Now the problem was that Jesus was going to leave them, and at His farewell service (Last Supper) with His disciples, He told them that He was going to give them a much-needed parting gift.
Amongst the countless things Jesus could’ve given, why did He choose to give them His peace?
It takes the peace of mind and heart to overcome the woes of this world and that cannot be found in this world, (James 1:17) that is why Jesus promised His followers a gift outside this world Who has all the goodness of heaven embedded in Him.
The peace of Christ is that which transcends understanding, and that is what the disciples needed to be equipped with so as to live on this strange land full of trouble and be able to go about their mandate as Jesus did without being perturbed.
Jesus’ gift to His followers will be their comfort in times of trouble, speak on their behalf and teach them all things as well as reminding them of all Jesus taught even in His absence.
So, though they would face trials for Christ’s sake, Jesus gave them a firm assurance. That meant that they weren’t supposed to allow themselves be agitated and disturbed; and also they were not to permit themselves to be fearful, intimidated and be cowardly unsettled because the Holy Spirit’s presence would never leave them!
As God’s children, even now we experience hardships, but we are being reminded that the Spirit of God lives within us and that same spirit is able to maintain peace within us and as well as flow out of us bringing peace to chaotic situations around us.
It is also important to note that the Spirit we have received is not only capable of enriching our personal lives but also lives connected to ours.
Let the peace of Christ in you flow into people you encounter today and beyond.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your gift of peace that calms the world’s storms.

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  1. “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world” 💗

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    1. Papberry says:

      Yes!! And for that we are more than conquerors!
      God bless you.

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