Today’s Fragrance: Reckless Love

I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent. (Luke 15:7)
MOST OFTEN pictures seen of Jesus as the good shepherd has Him with a sheep on His shoulder whiles holding His staff or rod. The sheep on His shoulder tell the story of the how Jesus relates to His lost sheep or weakest amongst them. How He cares and corrects with Love.
This is because sheep by nature reacts negatively to loud noise and yelling and they also have very good memory so how you treat them determines how they will respond to your instructions.
The world sees it as insane for the owner of 100 sheep to leave the 99 out in the open in search of one lost sheep. This act is seen by the world as wreckless, putting the majority at stake just to go after one, why not let the one go? This act truly depicts the unstoppable nature of God with regards to the length He goes for a soul.
It is unusual for a sheep to move alone, because naturally, they are social animals as well as followers. They most often move as a group following the lead of the shepherd.
So whenever one sheep is seen wandering the bushes alone, it can only be that, that sheep went astray and followed his own path and now is lost.
The thief will not attack a flock of sheep in the field because once they are all gathered it is assumed that ideally in the presence of the flock will there be found a shepherd. But when the sheep goes astray it is dangerous because the sheep can easily be captured when spotted alone.
For that matter, the shepherd becomes so reckless as to putting his life in danger, for there is no wall he won’t kick down, no mountain he won’t scale over and no shadow he won’t light up just to locate this lost sheep and bring it back under his protective covering.
Once he finds that sheep despite the hustle he had to go through, the sight of his sheep fills his heart with so much joy. He does not condemn or throw some harsh punishment because he knows that will worsen the situation, so rather, he corrects with love. He picks that sheep and puts on his shoulders or in his arms right on his chest and gives the sheep all the needed attention to make it understand that there is no place safer than home, with him the shepherd. The Shepherd speaks the language the sheep understands because he knows the sheep.
Scripture depicts Christ as the shepherd and man the sheep. This is exactly how Jesus relates to man, despite our stubbornness and desire to pursue our own ways. Once He, Christ finds us, He does not condemn us rather, He welcomes us back into his arms with so much love.
So really, it doesn’t matter the countless number of people (the 99) who needs no repenting because they are already in Jesus’ camp, for the sake of one lost soul, He will go out, withholding nothing just to lay hold of that soul.
This message speaks of the rich and reckless love of God, that chases us down when we are lost and fights till we’re found.
You are valuable, Christ’s love keeps chasing after you, so stop running and be found. Accept this love and enjoy life in its fullness as He gives.
God is a good God!

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