Today’s Fragrance: God Wants Your Good!

Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.(Psalms 55:22)

I find that many times we go to church or any gathering of the saint to support or believe for everyone else to receive from God but ourselves.

We just go to watch things play out as though in a cinema! We warm the pews and when we go home and all the excitement fades! We start crying and murmuring all over again.

Sometimes people’s testimonies inspire and give us hope but other times we get depressed without any glimmer of hope. Instead of focusing on Jesus, the one who speaks calmness into storms, we compare ourselves to others.

We keep wondering why everyone around us has a powerful testimony of God working in them but we have nothing to say other than the many things that ain’t working in our lives.

We loose sight of the Word that Works faith in us, how then do we intend receiving from God without faith?

God’s will is not for His sons and daughters to suffer, the plans He has for us are good! Not evil. He did not create us to live in misery! What pleasure will that bring Him?

But because we are in this world of evil, we are bound to have and face trouble. But He has already provided for this need by way of The Comforter. So that through and by Him, we are able to live comfortable lives in this uncomfortable world! Yes we can enjoy a life of peace, joy, love… but only in the Holy Ghost.

Let’s do well to change this attitude, don’t go and be a spectator, go to believe God for your own blessings. God can save the worst case. Discouraged one, dare to take Him by His Word and watch Him perform!

You cannot gather together with the saints, in the presence of the I AM and get back home depressed, it s an error! In His Presence there is fullness of joy.

As long as we look to Him, we shall never be ashamed.

May we find rest in the Lord In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. Pure Glory says:

    God wants a family relationship with each one of us. He is our Father and loves us so much. Although many view gathering at church as a spectator sport, Holy Spirit is tugging on our hearts to fully surrender to God.

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    1. Papberry says:

      Yes, I pray that all men come to the knowledge of God’s saving grace and unfailing love for all to enjoy sweet fellowship with Him.
      God bless you for sharing your thoughts🙏🏽

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pure Glory says:

        Amen and amen! God bless you! 🙂

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      2. Papberry says:

        Amen 🙏🏽

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