Today’s Fragrance: Quiet-Listen-Quiet and Action!

But Joshua had commanded the army, “Do not give a war cry, do not raise your voices, do not say a word until the day I tell you to shout. Then shout! ” (Joshua 6:10)

When going on a seemingly impossible journey, it is expedient to keep silent moving only by the voice of God.

This is because once you start listening to the wrong source including yourself, when you’re not being led by the Spirit, you can be given a bad report that will turn your faith into fear.

The faithless have become so because they do that have confidence in the word of God to act on it. These people will tell you what isn’t possible to be done based on circumstances. But as believers, we know that God is our perpetual environment and circumstance and because of that all things are possible!

The Israelites right from the days of Moses were noted to be experts in murmuring and complaining.

Joshua knowing this very well used the wisdom God granted Him to command the people to keep mute and just obey the instructions the Lord has given through him until told otherwise. The guy would not just allow the people to release any idle word that would destroy the positive atmosphere of faith that had been working.

God can pick absurd things and use them to bring glory to Himself. He sometimes uses means that may seem “meaningless” and “senseless” to man, but in the end, works perfectly.

Talking of a solid thick wall of Jericho, who would ever think that marching, clapping and shouting could bring it tumbling down?

But as the Word says, all things are possible to them that believe. If you dare believe God’s report then it is possible! Your shouts can pull down every wall of Jericho in your life because the Lord decreed and you acted!

Fear and doubt has paralyzing effects, they magnify the difficulties making us even think that people cannot be won for Christ and that the world is too strong. This causes us to write them off even when God hasn’t.

My dear friend, sometimes in order to get things done according to God’s will you must be ready to keep mute, listen and wait for when to act. You must be willing to put your tongue on the altar of sacrifice with your whole body for God to use as He please to bring glory to Himself as He grants victory!

Don’t forget that any word you spill out you also give that word permission to exist in your life! Speak The Word of God! Speak Life!


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