Today’s Fragrance: I Am With You Always

Having a company of friends around is a great thing, especially ones that can be counted on at all times. Yeah, it sounds so good but we cannot also ignore the fact that when human frailty sets in people move from the friend to enemy zone in split seconds even over trivial issues.

Note: No friend can ever do you like Jesus would.

Proof: While we were yet sinners with no value, rejected and dejected. He left His throne to die in our place just to redeem us from darkness and be translated into His marvelous kingdom of light.

Sometimes we get stuck in the middle of nowhere because our friends fail us, we run out of resources because our supply was cut short abruptly by people we call friends.

But today, we find a Treasure in Scripture (Matthew 28:20). One whose words are eternally yay and amen.

Jesus says… you don’t have to worry about anything because I AM with you. The fact that I AM with you means that at all times, your needs will be met, you will not lack anything good.

He says, whatever I have commissioned you to do, move on with it for I AM all you will ever need. In Me all things were made and in me all things hold together in their proper place.

So as long as you remain in Me, you’re all sorted out!

No lack of resources, no lack of fresh ideas, no need to even worry about your limited mind for the Spirit of the Lord In you increases your capacity in order to receive as much as needed to do exploits! by the power of His Spirit at work in you!





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