Today’s Fragrance: Let’s Teach Jesus!

And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. Acts 5:42

On one of my witnessing expeditions, I encountered a man who willfully opened up to me after I started preaching Jesus to Him.

I asked him two important questions of which his answers were a no.

I asked if He believed He had eternal life and the second is if He was certain as at the moment we spoke, that if Christ should appear again he would be with Him.

As I kept talking of the truth, He just burst out and said, “I responded no to your questions because, I know God is angry with me so I’ve also been running away because I don’t want to be harmed.”

I asked how he is so sure God wants to harmfully teach him lessons.

He explained that deep within him, he knows there is a call on his life but he isn’t ready yet to respond.

As I asked why he felt God was angry with him he said, “so many things have come upon me, I’ve gone through so much in life that I know it’s as a result of me not accepting God’s purpose for my life. By this I know it was God who was punishing me.”

Then I asked, do you think God will use evil means to correct you or get you to do His will? When He says the plans He has for you are to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future?

If what you say is true then what differentiates God from the Devil whose very nature is evil?

He just stood still without words.

Friends, I did not try to convince this man with enticing word, I just showed Him Jesus, who is the express image of the Father. As the Holy Spirit dropped scriptures that relates to the man’s situation to Me I spoke them out to Him.

After everything this man uttered, sister, I know within me that God sent you to talk to me. You’ve opened my eyes to things I’ve not seen and I’m going to find out more as I leave here today.

My point is that, there is no way one will be introduced to our awesome Jesus and that person will go back and do nothing.

Let’s preach Jesus for He alone has the power to save!

I find that a person flows so well and confidently without having to think hard on what to say if he’s asked to testify of someone he knows and love. If we know Jesus, making Him known unto others will be seen as a joyous act rather than a tedious task.

God has indeed given us a testimony in Christ but you cannot share this testimony without Knowing Him.

The Testimony is in Knowing Christ=Eternal life.

The greatest testimony man can ever share is the life we find in Jesus Christ!




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