Today’s Fragrance: The Journey Into The Promised Land I

“If you are willing and obedient,

You shall eat the good of the land.”

Isaiah 1:19

In your quest in finding your purpose in life, you won’t find level grounds all through. There will be hills and valleys, and you’d have to move pass them in order to get to the desired land; your promised land.

As Canaan was for the Israelites, so have you a promised land, a “place” God has given you to exercise Kingdom influence.

Do not be afraid when faced with resistance and persecution, taking possession of a place flowing with milk and honey won’t come easy. Because of its attractiveness, everyone will chase after it. Survival of the fittest sets in, as people will begin using aggression to take over what does not even belong to them.

Albeit a tough battle, those who have been given the promise of the land must act on the Word with boldness having Confidence only in the Promise Giver, God.

He Himself fights for those who are willing and obedient to Him.





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