Today’s Fragrance: The Journey Into The Promised Land II

“If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land.” Isaiah 1:19

As established in our earlier message our success in taking charge of what God has promised us depends on our willingness and obedience to the Promise Giver, God.

So many things undermine the success of believers in relation to laying hold of God’s provisions and living a life that befits our status as Sons and daughters of God.

Like the Israelites many believers are wandering in the wilderness and killing themselves with their own words. We murmur, complain and spill death out of our mouths rather than life.

Refusing to see that tough situation as a training tool. And yet, keep praying for the miracle of seeing a red sea part before our eyes…

How do we experience these kinds of miracles if we don’t come face to face with the Red Sea with the Egyptians closing up on us?

How do we experience these miracles without finding ourselves in between a rock and a hard spiky surface with no way out?

How will the wall of Jericho come tumbling down if we don’t obey the instructions of keeping mute and tirelessly matching around the wall?

If you pray for a miracle, also be ready to be put in a situation where God can be God and you, man.

Victory belongs to them that fight, who put their trust in God and walk in obedience of Him.





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