The gods are not to blame.

Greetings to you beloved! I come your way again after the hiatus. It has been a pretty long break and I am sorry about that. I believe the series shared last year on the “gosplepaps” were helpful. Kindly indulge me as we take the messages a step higher this year.


Now, to the matter;

The year is sprinting! Have you noticed, or it’s just me? We’re almost bidding August farewell. We must be grateful for the gift of life. Praise the Lord for He is good!

Let us now make a little assessment, shall we?

Take a retrospective look at your resolutions, be it written or memorized, and identify which ones you can confidently say you have achieved. Are you a part of the pathetic many who have fallen into the business of recycling resolutions? Do you remember how you resolved to do more of prayers, reading, holy living and all the stuff you tickled yourself with.

Let’s not pretend we didn’t crossover with determination in our hearts to do a lot differently as we were sick and tired of the little or no progress in our lives. So my dear how far?

There’s good news for you. There is someone to blame for all your stagnation and reversionisms. Look at this story…

A lioness and her cub sat by the riverbank and watched while members of the animal fraternity moved about in search of food. The cub had heard stories of how all other animals considered her(the cub) family as their greatest enemy. The lioness could take any animal at random and feed it to her family. So the cub wondered and considered to ask her mother. “Mother”, she said,” all animals have enemies and we happen to be on the list of almost all of them, so tell me, who is my enemy?”. To this the mother smiled and said, “you are your own enemy“.

Dear friend, herein lies the missing link.

We are made for exploits. Each has in him/her inexplicable goodies for excellence. We are lions and lionesses with no enemy but ourselves. Heed the counsel of Cassius to Brutus…

the fault is not in our stars but in oursleves. You are as holy as you want to be.

You are as rich as you want to be. Let’s deal with ourselves before we hide under the guise of superstition. The gods won’t make a man lazy if he doesn’t want to be. Blame your ignorance on your inability to apply the seats of your trousers to the seats of your chair to read and master a subject.

Discipline isn’t a spiritual gift lest non- Christians should be the laziest. The gods are not to blame for your hotheadedness nor your declining spiritual growth. No, let non blame the gods when he falls into sexual immorality. Nay, let non blame the gods for the price he pays for being lascivious, lazy or even proud.

In these excerpts of Lade Worsonu lies an unequivocal nugget…

The Master brewer is not the stars
Nor yet the gods. He is you your very self.
The final brew has no choice it must be bitter bile or sweet honey. But you can choose the magic portion which vouchsafes the taste:
Your intentions, your memories, your reactions.

True, there are certain gifts only a believer can possess for no natural supplements suffice a spiritual deficiency. Only Christ and His grace can help you out. Accept Christ for a wholesome life and where it is in our power to take charge, let us quit ourselves like men and take that responsibility. What will be may not be if we don’t make it to be. There is a space for you at the top if only you are interested. Stop bewitching yourself and the rest will be history.

Reflect on these…

Kindly share and comment. Stay blessed.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sawndei says:

    Nice written… I admire your perspective and it’s true. However, the truth still remains that apart from Him we can do nothing. No wonder a man like Paul can boldly say I laboured more than them all, Nevertheless not I but the grace of God upon my life. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. K.Peprah says:

      Thank you Sawndei. Sure truth remains absolute.

      Liked by 1 person

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