Value Over Title

It is such a great time to be alive. Let us give thanks and praise to God for His love and mercies shown us. We stand only by His grace.

Kindly follow with me closely in today’s piece…

Men(human beings I mean) are naturally ambitious. We all have ambitions to varying degrees. In fact it is not bad if it is towards a good venture. We are better off with ambitious men of goodwill. One of the ambitions of life is the desire to be significant.

The world celebrates significance. So in the course of time, cheap means of gaining significance has become highly marketable. The cheapest way to gain significance in our society now is to have a title. It is interesting to note however that the ubiquitous number of titles have rather diluted the value of the title holders.

This generation has; the most of professors and academicians yet the worst of thinkers…prophets who do not speak the mind of God…bishops who have no love for their flock, apostles without an idea of the great commission, angels without a message. There is nothing worth celebrating about the lives of our celebrities.

Something is not right! We have all kinds of accolades trooping in daily without any vital effect on the quality of the society. As if that were not enough, men who do anything but ‘ministry’ can hoard more than one title to describe themselves. It is not uncommon to hear names like Apostle Dr. Evagelist Bishop all preceding a name. Yet one hardly feel the fire of such a soul.

Beloved, a man’s worth is not in his title. One who carries a title must first carry value. Nicholo Micheavelli was right when he said “titles do not honour men, men honour titles”. If your name cannot have significance without an accompanying title may I please say you’re not there yet. Don’t just carry a title, carry worth.

Your title is your responsibility. Whoever does not meet the demands of his title is a fraudster. A rose does not smell nice because it is called a rose for as Shakespeare said, “a rose by any name will smell nice”. I prefer to be identified by my works before I am known by my title. Let every man be about the ministry so well that we will be least surprised if you’re called by it’s corresponding title…

May I suggest to my Christian brothers and sisters that the world is watching…watching to see if we are men of creeds or deeds. The world wants to know if we deserve the name we call ourselves for somehow the world knows that to be a Christian is to be like Christ. How saddening then must our actions and inactions cause folks like Mahatma Ghandi to say he likes our Christ but not Christians because the Christians are nothing like their Christ. The least said about uterances made by Karl Marx, Nietzsche and the likes the better.

All men must live by the standards for which their titles confer on them. Credit must be given to whom credit is due. We have swallowed the significant few with generalization with the masses that we barely see a person for who he is.

Brethren! today, decide not to join the train of mere title holders whose fires are not felt. Be a man of unusual worth. Build value into your name. Let your name be synonymous to your title. That is the height of accomplishment. Reflect on this…

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