We Are All Involved

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. That we’re alive is a sign of massive hope for a glorious future. It feels good to come your way again. Let’s take some time to reflect on the piece below;

Our race is becoming increasingly individualistic. The era where everybody within the community had a sense of belonging is gradually giving way for a strict nuclear system. We have come to believe that it doesn’t matter what one does as long as his/her actions have no direct effect on his neighbour.

Laws are being passed to protect people to do just anything because what one does to him or herself is nobody’s business. I don’t condone gullibility. Men ought to live freely and expression must not be hindered but we must be careful lest we fall into an abyss of self- destruct. We must never forget that our individual actions may be personal but not private. That is why we must be concerned about one another.

Aesop, the Greek storyteller, has many fables and in one of them we find a truth we often ignore. One of his popular fables is of the tortoise, the rope and the bird. Succinctly, this is how it goes…two animals lived on a tree- the bird up high the branches and the tortoise beneath. One day a hunter invaded the forest and in the course of hunting he was spotted by the tortoise. The tortoise having observed that the song of the bird could attract the attention of the hunter but being unable to reach the bird he called on the rope to inform the bird what was at stake. As the hunter drew closer, the bird sang the loudest. The tortoise again asked the rope to kindly tell the bird to stop singing for which the rope responded that he was not an animal hence he did not mind for he could not be killed. Finally, the song got the attention of the hunter, he aimed at the bird and shot it. Whilst picking the bird he saw the tortoise and picked it up also. Then he thought to himself, ” I will need something to tie them both” and guess what he did? You’re right, he cut the rope and tied them both. Herein lies the lesson- never remain unconcerned about the lifestyle of your neighbour. When it is all said and done you’ll suffer the consequences.

It is easy to overlook the sufferings and or the depravity of another once the party involved is not family. If an individual is not a relation then we don’t mind if he drinks himself to stupefaction, starves to death, engages in dangerous ventures or does anything disatisfactory. But you see, Martin Luther K. Jnr. was right in his proposition that evil triumph because of the silence of the good. If the good refuse to speak up or act up then evil is inevitable. You see, we are intricately linked in many ways. There are rippling effects of everything- the good and the bad. The ones who have illicit sexual desires end up raping our children. The man who abuse drugs end up robbing people to satisfy his insatiable drug needs. The drunk makes the road dangerous for all users…I’m sure you can add more examples- they are endless.

Brethren, it must never be the case as observed by W. B. Yeats that the best will lack all conviction whereas the worst are filled with passionate intensity. Speak up! Correct wrongs! Fight for what is right! for we are all involved…reflect on these…

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