How To Remain Consistently Fruitful

“for in Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28a

Just as a fish cannot live outside its natural habitat for long, so it is with all living creatures.

Sometimes we try to create the conditions when these are taken from their natural abode. And It is all nice and alive until we forget to regulate something then boom, things fall apart. How stressful!

Christ is our natural habitat as believers and in Him, conditions are suitable for fruitfulness. We do not need to do anything by strength, He does it all. We only need to respond to Him and we’re bearing fruits already!

When we become a new creation in Christ there is a need for us to study our new environment.

Without (Revelational) knowledge of our new environment (Jesus) we would remain unresponsive and consequently unfruitful. We’ll just be wandering and working but yielding lasting fruits wouldn’t be our portion!

Without Jesus we not only can do nothing but without Him we are nothing.

We are: we continue to be, because of his continued, present, all-pervading and supporting energy!

Kindly note that our relevance is found only in Jesus. Outside Him we are but useless molds of clay walking the face of this earth.





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