Be Fruitful And Multiply Part 1

Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply…” Genesis 1:28

Sometimes i wonder if God would still have been so bold and confident in the words He uttered if He hadn’t already put things in place to ensure that His integrity was kept intact.

What I mean is that, before God uttered the words be “fruitful and multiply,” and any other word concerning the things He made He had already done the needful, blessed!!

God is a Good God and Father, He won’t send you to the kitchen and ask you to cook without having provided the necessary ingredients or even giving you money to get the things needed.

This is why I find it difficult accepting that any human being is useless and the only thing they are good at it lazying about: eat, sleep, wake up, eat again, sleep, wake up and have useless conversations.

Not believers alone, but Humans in general have the ability to be fruitful and to expand and grow in whatever we’ve been given.

It isn’t now that God is going to bless you, in fact He has done that already!

My dear, quit giving excuses, and move! God will move with you, every where you go, and nothing dies in the presence of the I AM.

It’s your turn to act!!

Don’t blame God if you don’t get to the top. Determination and self discipline aren’t spiritual gifts!!

Go! be Fruitful and multiply!




©Way To Life 2018

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