Be Fruitful And Multiply Part 2

Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply…”

Genesis 1:28

Yes, we fell short of God’s glory by one man’s sin(Adam) but by another(Jesus Christ), the debt was fully paid and we were redeemed from the curse of sin by His precious blood.

No longer are we cursed, we are blessed!!

Therefore It is an error for a believer, to stay stagnant in whatever he’s been called to do.

You must be fruitful and you must multiply!

You cannot be professing faith in sleep. Faith is action, your believe in Jesus and your desire to please Him will cause you to act!

It is absurd to be made after the God of excellence, with His excellent abilities embedded in us, and yet people see us and all they can say is that we’re a bunch of lazy fellows. And that all we do is to fast, pray and sleep expecting cash in our pocket by the time we wake up from bed.

No! this shouldn’t be said of any Christian.

These toxic narratives of the Christian must be rewritten. We cannot be tagged with mediocrity and laziness!

You see, Unbelievers are fruitful and they multiply because they are also humans made in the image and likeness of God, they work so hard! but because they are not in Christ the desire to follow and gratify the desires of the flesh supersedes any other causing them to mostly abound in wickedness.(The flesh only leads to death)

Dear friend, you are God’s masterpiece, created for and to abound in good works, don’t limit yourself. You’re made for more!

Study, Pray, think, follow through with actions, have patience to watch your seeds grow, persevere, and keep on believing!

You’re blessed, dominate!



©Way To Life 2018

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