Is rest the reward for faithful service?

“…For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48b

Many times when I get so engulfed in serving, I am interrupted intermittently by thoughts of getting completely off serving and giving myself a much deserved time of rest away from everything.

Funny enough my dream of rest(inactivity) gets shattered as I’m given more work upon completing the former task, and oh, sometimes the next thing comes when I’m not even through with the first!

You probably can very much relate to this, and sometimes you wonder, how you are going to juggle through all those relevant tasks. You wonder if your productivity level won’t decrease because you’ve got your hands on so much!

I kept wondering also but I got excited and relieved when the Lord showed me something in His Word by experience.

By His Word I have come to understand that the reward of faithful service isn’t rest, but more service!!

Do you remember the servant who was given 5 talent and worked to gain five extra? Do you know His reward? (Matthew 25:14) He was given more work to do!!

Because he pleased the Master, He took the talent of the unfaithful servant and gave unto this faithful servant, that’s more work!! Not “rest.”

Whatever God has called you to do He has equipped you for it just as He commanded all men to be fruitful and multiply because He had deposited a blessed seed in us.

As we focus on Him, His abilities are activated in us and we begin to do things the way He wants and in effect, bear much fruit.

Always remember that much has been given unto you, and much is expected.

Be fruitful and multiply!

©Way To Life 2018

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