Stepping Stones

Life is in stages and destiny happens in steps. No one jumps unto maturity overnight.

Thank God it’s Tuesday!

I am elated to come your way again with something beautiful to reflect on.

Read closely with me, would you?

In the wake of an era of highly sophisticated technology there still remain some processes that cannot be hastened. And he who wants to build something great or master an art must bear that in mind.

The success stories of great achievers are not without the untold tales of myriads of failures, tears and toil. We seldom see the hustle so we are tempted to think that the man in the limelight is just lucky to be there. However we must bear in mind no-one goes to bed and wakes up famous. Rather the man who woke up and realized he had become popular had not been asleep.

History smiles on the one who attempts great things. Though he may fail in the beginning if he does not lose his zeal he will be a sensation to the world. Heed the words of Wiston Churchill when he said “success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. The likes of Lincoln Abraham, Bill Gates, J.K Rowling, Opera Winfrey, Walt Disney, our very own Dangote but to mention a few, all have their success stories riddled with failure, stress and strain.

They have a conglomerate not built overnight but over decades of tumultous exertion just to make it to the top. That others have been able to achieve great success should stir up the flames of hope in your heart that you too can do more if you don’t relent.

Herein lies the secret- the beginning of every great venture is hard. It will take time and you may wonder if you’ll ever become a master. Those who have had the opportunity of learning how to play an instrument will tell you how often they felt like quitting. It is a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up!

To speak to thousands one must learn to capture the attention of tens, then hundreds. The lead cast was once a passerby on the screens. Sometimes to get to your goals you may have to take certain roles that may not seem befitting. They are part of the learning process. Consider it as only a phase.

That wild dream of yours can become a reality. Let your greatest motivation be these words from Zachariah 4:10 that says “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,…” Start where you are with what you have.

Every master was an apprentice once, and so would he become a master he that is in apprenticeship now. Show me a man adept at what he does and I will show you a man who has gone through disappointments and a number of failures. Many have risen from valleys and imprinted their names on the mountain top – so can you.

Brethren, take a deep breath, try again, practice until it becomes instinctive and take solace in this assurance that your current destination is not your final resting place – it is only a stepping stone.

Reflect on this….

Kindly leave your comment and share. Thank you.

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