Our God Is Eternally Good!

Your situation cannot determine the character of God. Don’t let it. God isn’t bound by circumstances. God is eternally good! There can be no wrong in Him so if your situation makes Him look bad then you’ve gotta look at it right in the face and speak the truth, God is good!

When Job lost all his possessions he thought it was God who took them away (Job 1:21). However, Job’s knowledge of God was challenged when He had a personal encounter with Him. There he realized how ignorant he had been and retracted everything he had said about God earlier because it wasn’t the truth. (Job 42:5-6)

Job made conclusions on things he clearly had no understanding of. And just like Job, sometimes situations we face makes us tag God along doom. We display our ignorance with such confidence, I’m sure it amazes God. How we think we know but truly we know not the Truth.

Dear friend, there is a need for us to get deeper with God in order to know Him better.

We must seek the truth in Him, for if we try to reason God out with our limited minds, we will have it all wrong just as job did. We must interpret God based on the truth and not our personal experiences.

May God help us to know the truth about Himself as we earnestly seek Him.



© Way To Life 2018

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