Since we have been born unto the stage of life are we not expected to live?

Great day to be alive. There are many things to be grateful for yet if you can’t find anything, be grateful for the opportunity to read this post. And ponder briefly on the quotable quote above as quized by Shakespeare.

There’s a thought I find rather exhilarating- many a great man has walked the surface of God’s blue earth yet not all left their mark even at their immediate circle of convenience, whilst at the same time others by their actions (good and/or bad) changed the course of the global history. It has been said anonymously that dead men rule the world; and such of course is not far from right for has it not been the case that the ideals of some men although dead and long gone are still the master ideas of our century?

Beloved, whatever be the case, regardless of our temperamental proclivities the point of the matter is that each of us must act our part of the world’s play. Notice hereby that regardless, the world would go on without your active participation in it but that not withstanding your contribution will go a long way to make this scene beautiful than it can ever be. To wit, no one is indispensible however we are all irreplaceable.

Many die at 25 but are not burried until 75. These are those that it has been said of as having the nature of fire but do not burn, they have the shape of a knife but do not cut- thus they have the form but not the content therefore. And to these it has been said of them that their presence do not make a difference and their absence do not matter. Yet, such an one must remember that if his presence is  not felt and his absence is not noticed then it would have been better if he were not born.

Beloved, you have been born unto this scene for a purpose only you can meet. If you cannot do great things do small things greatly. If you cannot do all things at least you can do something. To fold your arms in inactivity is a great treachery. To relent is to fail destinies.

The world is full of needs even that of our individual needs so it is not uncommon to lose sight of the hand of support, relief, encouragement etc that we need to lend. Rehearse ye the words of ‘the greatest layman’, D.L. Moody, I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And that which I can do, by the grace of God, I will do“.

Until you leave the stage don’t check out. Who should fit in for you? Don’t lose your zeal. And if there’s anything you can do, do it honorably to the admiration of man and the praises of the angels. There is not a single soul that has nothing to offer- No not one. Reflect on these…

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