Today’s Fragrance: Victory In Knowing Jesus

For believers to live beyond the norm, our life must certainly be all about Jesus, indeed there is victory in knowing the Lord for it is in Him we live, move and have our being.

“but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”Daniel 11:32

Dear friends, ignorance is a deadly disease that must be ignored however means possible! There are many things legally belonging to us in Christ but we still go round chasing them elsewhere because we have no idea we’ve already got them!

Yes, we’ve got all things in Christ! But well, we’ve got to step into Him, and stay there in order to get access to God’s eternal provision for us in Him. We cannot utilize what we are unaware of, even though it might be there, only knowledge of it gives us access.

Knowing God is intimacy with Him through His Divine Spirit.

While there are many ingredients to intimacy and each intimate relationship having a different recipe, common to all of them is trust. We cannot be intimate with a person we don’t trust.

Now back to our scripture:… But they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits!

God’s Word says your ability to live in abundance and to work the works of God doesn’t depend on external conditions but rather what/whom you have in you. The Christ in you, is the hope of Glory!

“They shall be strong and do Exploits” means they shall perform feats irrespective of what’s happening around them, they shall accomplish the humanly impossible and obtain the naturally unobtainable.

If you know God and understand His ways, you’ll not be shaken. You’ll remain calm and stick to every right decision made even if it’ll land you in blazing hot fire or the lion’s den like Daniel and his friends. You will not be moved because you know within you that God’s got you and you’re confident that He will come through for you.

Believers, our victory lies in Jesus, let us get and stay connected to Him in order to live the God-Life! A life of Triumph!



©WayToLife 2018

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