Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul!

Can we for a moment forget the bless me lord, bless me lord petitions and sing with David a psalm ? Particularly the one In Psalm 103:1-5.

I do not know how your year has been but One thing I know is that if you’re reading this you’re alive, I mean dead men don’t read!

Do you mind giving God some shout outs for His goodness? For His favor? For his mercy? Forgiveness? Oh for His lovingkindness ? This God is Good!

It is easy for man to be happy today and totally forget yesterday’s miracle when things seem not to have gone his way in the present day.

How man will rather dwell on the one thing that’s making his life uncomfortable rather than focusing on the 1000 and 1 things that can put smiles on his face and warm his heart in hope for a brighter day is rather amazing.

Today we want to be intentional about our praise, we want to teach our souls to be grateful. We want to live beyond emotions.

Remember those days you took a trip to the future in your mind, wondering how your body would follow suit because the truth is you had nothing to survive on through the week.

But now you look back and realize you didn’t just make it through the week but the year! Is there not a cause?

You might’ve gone through some valleys of life, but really, you wouldn’t have made it through to the mountain top if God ain’t got you.

So yes, my dear friend, irrespective of your circumstances, forget not His benefits.

Let’s be grateful, and thankful because through it all God, who is our Father hasn’t left nor forsaken us. He has satisfied our mouth with His goodness!

Praise His Holy name.


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