Grace To Finish

Once we are in this world, we know challenges will come but we have an assurance in the One in whom we have believed. We are overcomers because He overcame the world.

Even as we are aware of the fact that life cannot be void of storms, we should also live in the consciousness of the fact that our victory is assured and that we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

This year also, we have set goals to accomplish, the realistic and not so realistic ones were all drawn with the intention of fulling. However, one way or the other most of these goals are/will  be left behind or ended abruptly because of unforeseen circumstances and storms that threaten to overturn the boats of our lives leaving us drowned in the ocean of doubts.

This day, as you read this message, let this be a reminder that, as long as you are in faith and pursuing your God given dreams or the desires God has channeled through your heart, you will and can complete anything you started.

God is not just the Alpha but also the Omega, which means He is not only a starter but also, a finisher, He is able to bring things to completion because He is the beginning and the end.

Irrespective of the conditions around you, whether dry or wet you have a spring of water situated on the inside of you that flows from within into your surroundings. (Psalm 1:3) As a result of the treasure you have in you, people who are connected to you will also benefit from this goodness of the Lord, and they also will experience abundance because of your connection to the all-sufficient and powerful God.

This year, commit to your dreams and push to bring it to an expected end. God has you covered. Grace abounds! Amen.


Prayer: Father Lord, thank you for giving me grace to finish every task you have given me this year in Jesus name.

©WayToLife 2018

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