Today’s Fragrance:Put on Christ!

…But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts. Romans 13:14

What are you wearing today being the beginning of the week? I’m guessing you’re looking your very best!

It is said that one must dress the way he wants to be addressed.

By borrowing this quote I further throw this connecting question, by your dressing how are people in your neighborhood, workplace and wherever you find yourself supposed to address you?

Will you be addressed as The Christian because when people see you they see nothing but the Christ you’re wearing, or one that even causes people who claim to be Christians to turn away from the faith?

The same way nice clothes and fragrances attracts, putting On Jesus the One who was hung on the cross to draw all men to himself, will bring eternal benefits to those you come across.

By putting on Jesus, the work of salvation that was finished over 2000 years ago will become a reality in the lives of them who believe.

As you put on Christ, you’re putting on light, for He is Light. And in this Light Light, you are empowered to bear the fruit of the spirit in a perverse world.

This week when people draw close to you may they find peace rather than chaos, may they find joy rather than sorrow.

May they find love rather that hate and rivalry. Most importantly, may they find The Truth, who is in the person of Christ Jesus!

Be an environment conducive for change and growth as people get close.

Be an agent of Change!


©Way To Life 2019

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