Happy New Year

The past year has not been an easy one. I describe my 2019 journey as a graceful walk on broken glasses. Many times it looked as though my dreams and aspirations bled right on the floor of life as plans got rudely interrupted but see, I made it to the other side safe and I take no credit for that, I was just grace-sponsored!

But not without some scars as no one walks on broken glasses without being injured. Looking deep into those wounds were revealing. I found a smart young lady even though super light in weight, carried a heavy weight of a backbone full of zeal and with a heart skilled in determination and grit! I found me! And I’m grateful for this journey.

This year I look forward to achieving more than I have ever imagined by giving my all to achieving every set goal and that includes helping a lot more people achieve theirs and putting smiles of people’s faces.

Cheers to a much more productive and fruitful year!



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  1. Danny says:

    And if grace is an ocean, we are all drowning… Wishing you nothing but an outstanding new year ahead


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