This is the official blog of Priscilla Benewaa Ocran (Papberry).i am just me in short,passionate about the things of God to the core.i love doing so many things including writing which lead me into blogging to inspire and impact my generation.i love listening to good music,surf the internet playing basketball and above all i love being me and oh i love dancing too :).there are so many avenues to catch your blessings and this is yet another platform that serves that purpose.God bless you all my readers.

27 Replies to “About”

  1. Great work. Really love your writings. Just kept going and going but I had to stop at a point. Love the one on doubting, I really have a hard time there but God is helping out there. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to your posts.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear for passing through…the doubting thing is one of the major blocks in our Christian life but with eyes fixed on God, He will surely help us sail pass it.
      Come back anytime for more!
      I look forward to more of your posts too☺️

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  2. What a great passion! The younger generation seems lost because God has been removed from so many public places and in many homes. They need people to teach them the ways of the Lord…so good for you!

    I love basketball too…

    Appreciate your visit and please come back whenever you can. Feel free to ask any questions and/or make comments as well!

    Enjoy your day,

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