Develop Yourself

There is one thing I’ve noticed Christians can really do! 

Praying all kinds of prayer at different times and from really cool to violent prayers, demanding and pleading for goodies from God. like jobs, marriage, conceiving a child, traveling … You can add the rest.

Now what happens is that after going to pray we get back to sleep and dream about the things we’ve been asking for….

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Thoughtful Tuesday

Hi there,It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and here is something for the going😅

So just incase you come across those people who always make it seem as though you are useless because they can’t accept your uniqueness.
Immediately they start rattling about you conforming to their standards tell them your standards ain’t set by humans, that’s Good news because that means you can’t be limited in anyway.

Just because you don’t do something as good as them doesn’t mean you are worthless, I bet there is something you can also do far better than anyone else.

Don’t let people push you to become them, push yourself to become you!

“God spent a long time creating you and God doesn’t make worthless things.”

Come on, live out your purpose!

Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello deariesIt’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I share a quote with you.

“As long as you know that God is for you, it doesn’t matter who is against you”.

Sometimes we all worry too much concerning things that have no power or authority over us, as children of God.

We worry about doors being closed when indeed there are no closed doors because once God opens no one shuts.

We worry about how people are plotting evil against us when the bible says no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper.
This scripture means that surely your enemies also have to work, but after all their hard work, that plan will not work on the intended target because you are a child of God! What a waste!

So have this in your heart and mind, that as long as God is for you, it doesn’t matter if the whole world goes against you because you will still win!

My dear God’s got you so leave the worry for your enemies to do because the things that God has planned for you, no eyes has seen, no ears has heard and definitely no mind has even imagined!


Thoughtful Tuesday

Hi people, It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I share a quote with you.

“God is working in ways you cannot understand. Never lose Hope”.

It is the desire of mothers to treat their kids to delicious delicacies, and looking at the children whiles they enjoy the meal, brings them much joy and peace.

God loves to prepare even more special delicacies for His Children.

And these Special meals take longer time to be prepared.

But mostly His children also lack the patience to wait for the special treat and prefer to be treated normal…

Sometimes you want your prayers answered immediately but looking back at another time you begin to thank God for that unanswered prayer.
When food isn’t well cooked and you get served just because you are too hungry to wait… You know what happens next.

This morning we are being reminded that patience is a golden virtue and it will be great, if we all possess it.

My dear, sometimes you don’t have to understand God, You just have to trust the Person you can’t seem to understand because In the end, all things will work for your good.


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Thoughtful Tuesday

Hi everyone😅
It’s a thoughtful Tuesday and today I share a little quote with you.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

Most of us are fond of imagining greatness and would not actually put things in place to let what our minds see be visible for everyone to see as results.

It’s a great thing to dream big and imagine, after all it’s your wildest imaginations God will exceed so why imagine or dream small?

Go on and dream big but at a point you’ve got to wake up for your dreams to come true.

Put your thoughts together and work hard at achieving those dreams, with God on your side, you will jump over hurdles to the finish line successfully.
So start something now! That thing you’ve been planning on for decades, it’s time to move it from your mind to paper then from paper to reality.
Always remember that many are the plans of man but it is God’s that will prevail, so don’t leave God out of the equation, without Him it can never be balanced.


Thoughtful Tuesday

Hey there😅

It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and here is what I have for you.  

“Don’t burn your opportunities for a temporary comfort”.

Sometimes because of what to eat today we sell or mismanage what could feed thousands tomorrow.
Other times we find ourselves in situations that demands action first rather than deep thinking…whenever you find yourself there, pause take a deep breath and ask yourself how that decision will affect not only you but other lives tomorrow. The answer you get should be able to help you make it right.
The little message I have for you all is that whatever you do, consider the future because the same things you abuse or destroy today might be the same stone or bridge you might need in order to cross to the other side to break some deals.
Have a blissful week.

Thoughtful Tuesday

Thoughtful Tuesday

Hi there😅

It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I’m sharing this little message with you.

You see, human beings as in you and I are the greatest assets on this earth.

We are containers every kind of spirit wants to Indwell to get things done here on earth because earth is for physical beings. you’ve got to possess a body to be able to function here.

Whiles this might sound extremely exciting, you must also know that every case has two sides, the positive and negative.

God has a plan for your life. And the enemy also has one for you.
And you need to be ready for both .

The advise here is, be wise enough to know which one to embrace and which one to battle.

Remember that every Good and perfect gift comes from above and also wisdom is the principal thing and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…

May God help us all in making the right decisions in life.


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