Thankful/Testimony Thursday 

This is the day the good Lord has made and we must rejoice and be glad in it.

Today we want to celebrate the new life we received in Jesus.

Had it not been by His grace, that unmerited favor that we got anyways because of His love, where would we have been?

Sometimes we go for jobs and we know inside of us that we don’t qualify and that our Certificates don’t match up but our Father who doesn’t make His children go hungry qualifies us for things we don’t qualify!

So what have you got to tell Him today?

What did Ge qualify you to do that beats your imaginations?

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Testimony Thursday

This is a testimony of another blogger friend Bonsai, read carefully and be blessed by these powerful words.

My name is Stacy Gleiss (a.k.a Bonsai) I was born and raised in Michigan—an unfettered sapling that grew in the shadows of a tragic accident that took my left eye, scarred my face and briefly allowed me to view the earth from several feet up.  Having experienced near death as a five year-old, made me a melancholic child and I struggled to find my place.  That is, until i became part of a two-way cultural exchange programmme involving Japan.

 I was just sixteen when I first traveled to Japan in 1982.   Keep in mind, it was a time when information was lacking and I had a very cliché image of what I might see there.  What I found however, was a place that was at once very traditional, but also very advanced.  I fell in love with the ritualistic processes of Japanese daily life and by the end of the summer committed to one day living there.


To that end I married a Japanese man at the age of 18 and began my training to become a Japanese wife. Part of his requirements involved speaking and dressing a certain way—being more childlike and innocent.  

Eventually I would discover that he had a preference for young girls which was fed by legalized child pornography and child idolization that was prevalent. He dismissed this all by saying how the materials were readily available (which they were) and that beautiful nude children were just fantasy, art and nothing more.

 Because being a Japanese wife was my identity and I believed what he told me was true to a degree as part of the culture, I stayed in my marriage and had two children.  Eventually however, under increased scrutiny and abuse as an “old woman,” a mother, I broke. I mean I lost my mind. My life took a different turn.

I was in my young thirties when I began binging on Japan—taking quick trips, drinking and hooking up with various Japanese men.  It was a horrible couple of years and during this time my small children suffered horribly from my erratic behavior.

 While I managed to eventually put my life back together…becoming an interpreter, buying a house and regaining custody of my youngest due to abuse by his father– my oldest would not even talk to me.  She remained with her father until 2006 when she disclosed a horrible secret you can probably imagine; a long history of molestation by her father.

 While he went to prison (where he remains), my daughter and I worked on rebuilding our relationship. Things were generally going well—much better than they had been, but the guilt ate me up.  Without sleep, trying to make things better for everyone, I was like the walking dead.  That is when God called me to Google a church that just so happened to have a class starting…a sort of Jesus 101.

I was stubborn in the class, fighting every bit of what I heard.  I didn’t deserve forgiveness.  People who do what I did should suffer for the rest of their lives.  That is what I thought.  But finally, after an encounter with the Holy Spirit at a funeral of someone i barely knew, I caved and became a believer. In 2010 I was baptized in Lake Michigan near my home.

 While life overall continues to improve by His grace, it is still challenging in every regard, I have seen miracles and felt His love.  

In fact, on multiple occasions as I wrote the details of my cultural obsession and testimony on my website, i literally felt the hand of God pressing down on my shoulder spurring me to tell the ugly truth in the most transparent way possible. Still I don’t know why exactly or what the story will do, but I listened and moved forward.

I pray this Testimony will impact as many lives as will lay eyes on this in Jesus name, Amen.

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Testimony Thursday

This is a testimony of a blogger friend and a sister in Christ known as lady Jay. She tried to seek the approval of men to feel validated and in the process got abused. Her testimony has already been shared on this platform but this is a continuation of her story and it focuses on how she got saved. Click here to preview the first story.

Her words potrays in details a view of what happened, follow through to the end and be blessed by this…

He Called, I Answered 

The bars, barbed wire, voluminous slamming gates, physical prison revealed the maximum security prison ward inside of me. As I went throughout my days there, under the impression that I was a hopeless homosexual with an insatiable drug addiction, audibly God began to speak to me. At first, I ignored the voice and continued to engage in relationships with other women, use drugs within the institution, and journal vulgarities. But, gradually, something changed. No longer did I want to be addressed as Sunshine, the cocaine addict and career woman of the night, no, no, no; by the grace of God, I realized that my name is Jennifer.

My Redeemer moved in swiftly as my mind became a fertile ground, He taught me how to find Him in His Word. Daily I searched the Word of God, with different versions of the bible, a concordance, and index cards, and I found Him. Increasingly, I came to understand that the drugs, sex, and money were the devices I used to mask a deeper pain, a necessary pain. The torturous distorted creatures that crept in the alleys of my mind, were my motivators to continue self-destructive behaviors. Jesus showed me how to forfeit disparaging thoughts for the fruitful thoughts prompted by His promises.

Together with God, I sojourned to an awakening that cannot be called anything but a miracle. The desire for cocaine, cigarettes, unwed intercourse and all sorts of sinful behaviors exited and I welcomed holiness wholeheartedly. There were lonely tearful nights and days as I often grieved over the life that I devoted to destruction. There were unanswered questions, “why Lord, why did I do those things to myself?” God reminded of His provision in my uncertainties, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 

I joined the choir in prison, sang on the Praise and Worship team, and attended bible study. My face was ever before God. Anything He requested, I did without hesitation. My prison sentence felt more like an opportunity to grow in love than an unjust incarceration. Utterly grateful, God used the mess that was my life and handed me a message to share with the world- Jesus Saves! 

Indeed Jesus saves…no matter where you are and what you are going through, if you open up to Him, He will come and dwell with you and be your help in your time of need.

Psalms 34:18
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

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Thankful Thursday

So it’s Thursday! I’m happy about it, are you?

We are giving thanks today, I believe that thanksgiving should precede every kind of prayer. 

Before we go ahead to ask for anything from God I think we should thank him first for everything! The unseen and the things seen.

God has been extremely gracious unto us and He indeed deserves every bit of praise from the depths of our heart.

Are you going to make the whole world join you in thanking Him for the things He has done or you are going to keep it to yourself?

Remember thanking God for everything means you are matured enough to take on bigger challenges and blessings!

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Thankful Thursday 

The goodness of the Lord is beyond comprehension and further than imagination!

Is there not a cause? To give Him all the praise?

It’s been a long year full of ups and downs but God has always been faithful even though I let Him down most often.

Lord thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. I mean everything.

What have you also got to say to the Lord for His Kindness?

Share in the comment box and also if there is a perculiar thing you have experienced, send me an email via and let the whole world hear of it.


Testimony Thursday


Hello dear one, how are you faring today?

It’s Testimony Thursday and today I’m super excited ‘cause I am bringing you a testimony of one of my children (don’t worry, you will understand as we move on)  so just continue reading till the end having in mind that someone’s testimony can be the key to the prison someone else is locked in. If you want to be a part of this kindly contact me via and lets share that testimony to affect lives in a positive way. This is quite lengthy but worth a read.

Let’s get going now…

So in this interview, present are two characters Papberry (PB) and my Guest (Sam). Will be using the names in brackets through this interview.

PB: Welcome my dear, my name is Adwoa Benewaa Ocran, the manager of Papberry group and page on Facebook, the blog and of course the author of Today’s Fragrance devotions. I’m not alone in this cos I’ve always got HS giving me the inspirations. So can you tell us why you are doing this?

Sam: Thank you mom, for giving me this opportunity to reach out to the world, I know the struggle is real and lots are going through what I went through. I know that putting this out will give people hope as well as informing them that it is still possible to get out. I pray that by the end of this, lives will be touched, in Jesus name amen.

PB: Tell me how it all started dear.

Sam: It started when I owned the necessary evil (phone) in 2013, I started visiting social media platforms and those arenas served me the delicious food my lusty self wanted, “appealing” pictures. It started with just a picture and as I kept on feeding my fleshy desire, I was grew in that act and graduating from one level to the other, so from pictures, to silly videos, then finally the main act masturbation.

PB: How has this journey been?

Sam: it hasn’t been a continuous process, when I started masturbating in 2013, it stopped along the line and I wasn’t tempted again, then it resurfaced in 2014, but I fought hard but I could only end the masturbating act but the pictures and video I was still stuck to them, it all ended in 2016, but another struggle began in my head, my conscience would not just let be great, without being reminded that I’m a sinner and unworthy of God’s presence.  Even though I had prayed to God for forgiveness, I couldn’t bring myself to even think God would forgive me.

It was really weighing me spiritually, But God brought people like you my way and as you taught me the word of God regularly I felt that I could let you in on what was bothering me, and that was a bold step I took and today here I am sharing this on your blog. I realized that this act was devilish. There is definitely a spirit behind this and it is the spirit of darkness, I say this because whenever prayer was absent I faced these things. The devil always kept on speaking to me and accusing me of being unworthy all the time, which always made me feel sad for I thought Jesus would never love me again.

PB: why do you think you couldn’t deal with this issue once and it kept resurfacing?

Sam: One thing I have come to realize is that the flesh reacts to what it’s fed on. So anytime my spirituality game was up with lots of prayers, I do not encounter those temptation, but as soon as I let down my guard I fall, and the flesh wins. So it was because I kept feeding my flesh with what it needed to react. My only problem was I couldn’t flee as the bible says, I was always drawn closer to things that led me to masturbate.

PB: How did you finally break off the spirit of masturbation?

Sam: I started making real progress when I made the decision to quit being the hero and let God take charge, I had been depending on my strength so I decided to let go, and let God, He brought you my way and I decided to be accountable to God and to you, as James 5:16 says, so I confessed also to you and by the grace of God you help me understand thing much better.

Consequently, I stopped going to places that could lead me on (social media), I was praying more, studying the word more to renew my mind every day and fasting.

PB: Did this affect you in any way?

Sam : Yes, I’m a shy person naturally and due to this act I was mostly to myself, my social life was affected badly and I couldn’t even stand the sight of the opposite sex.

My relationship with God was also badly affected, I became just a church goer and the sad thing was whiles i was in this sinful act I was actively involved in church activities and I I always partook in His holy communion.

PB: Is there anything you want to say to anyone going through this situation?

Sam: All I want to say is that with God all things are possible, but the decision to stop must come from you, you fulfill your part and God will do the rest.

You must flee from things that leads you into temptation.

Find someone trustworthy and be accountable to, it helps to be in check and the person can assist you in prayers and counselling when necessary.

Remember, No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. 1 Cor 10:13 (NIV)

Lastly no matter the sin you have committed once who confess your sin and repent He is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.(1John 1:9)

Let’s keep the temple of the Most High God sacred by fleeing from sexual immorality.

God bless you all.

PB: Thank you all for making time to read this, till we meet again,



Testimony Thursday


Hello dear one, how are you faring today?

Its thankful/Testimony Thursday and today I’m super excited ‘cause I am bringing you a power testimony of a brother so just continue reading till the last dot having in mind that someone’s testimony can be the keys to the prison someone else is locked in. If you want to be a part of this kindly contact me via and lets share that testimony to affect lives in a positive way.


Let’s get going now…

So in this interview, present are two characters Papberry (PB) and my Guest (King). Will be using the names in brackets through this interview.

PB: Welcome my dear, my name is Adjoa Benewaa Ocran, the author of Papberry message of course I’m not alone in this cos I’ve always got HS giving me the inspirations. Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

Guest: Thank you sister, my name is Kingsley Nyamaah, but my name on facebook is Kingsley Jesus Own. I am a Ghanaian and a footballer by profession, playing for a Turkish club and today I am going to share with you my biggest testimony of how I got saved by Jesus.

PB: Okay, God bless you for being willing to share. Please can you tell us a little about how you grew up?

King: I grew up with my mum alone because my Dad relocated to the states when I was 2 months old, and unfortunately I lost my mum at age 11 and had to move in with an unbeliever uncle. Till now I have not set my eyes on my dad even though we chat at times, I have never really enjoyed the companionship of my parents.

PB: Can you tell us what happened when you moved in with your unbeliever uncle?

King: when I was 13 years I was initiated by an anti-Christ into Sikhism (a religion which believes in God but not Jesus Christ and His teachings, they believe in the teachings of their masters, it is a combination of Hindu and Islam).

When one is initiated, he is given 5 words (Simran) these words are meditated on in prayers and by these words they are able to travel the Spiritual world.

PB: Quickly can you tell us about how you got saved or got out of this?

King: Last 3 years i couldn’t sleep at night for about 4 months, evil spirits would torment me anytime i closed my eyes. I couldn’t sleep in my room and so I moved in with a friend yet the evil spirit never stopped. I am the only one to feel her presence whenever she was around.

A friend gave me a bible but I didn’t know how to use it or how to pray at that time but i still said a thing to God and ask Him to speak to me through his Word.

I opened the bible randomly and what i saw was I AM WITH YOU, WHEREVER YOU ARE AND I WILL PROTECT YOU… (GEN 28:15)

I knew that was God ‘cause i had already packed my things and i was relocating, after God spoke to me i stayed and decided to pray always at night. As I said I didn’t know how to pray so i use to sleep with my bible on my chest but I still suffered for 4 months until i saw my soul leave my body. That day i saw that I was dead ‘cause i left the body. And I saw 3 demons coming to take me, Then i heard a voice that told them i was His, Immediately they retreated and i was taken to a place. I saw angels and i asked one angel that i wanted to see Jesus ‘cause He saved me.

He directed me and i saw a Great and Powerful Light.

I don’t have words to describe but it was beautiful and as i walked towards Him I fell down on my knees, crying and thanking him for saving me. I couldn’t look at Him even though I wanted to, He was so bright.

That was the last time, after this encounter I was never tormented again, it’s been 3 years now and I’m still free by the grace of God. I was in this Fake religion for 10 years. 13-23 years.

PB: wow! Glory to God! Can you let us know how you managed to survive as a baby in Christ till now?

King: My sister it’s  just by the grace of God, it wasn’t easy because I was alone, I had no friends ‘cause all I had were Sikhs and it wasn’t easy but Jesus was with me and teaching me a lot through the word and by the power of the Holy spirit.

PB: can you tell us about the challenges you faced?

King: The few friends I had left also thought I was going crazy and they wanted to send to the psychiatric hospital because I was seeing things and I used to tell them and those things were happening. It got to a time a friend was trying to convince me to stop praying in the name of Jesus and use the words I was given during my initiation, but I was able to stand these tests because Christ equipped me and sent someone my way who helped me through prayers, studying of the bible and fasting. I believed and I still believe because I had a personal encounter with Jesus and He showed me He was real.

PB: God bless you my dear for sharing with us, anything you would want to say before we end

King: we should all be watchful there are lots of doctrines circulating which are false and if you don’t take care you will be deceived. Remember this,  6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 (NIV)

No one can get to God except through Jesus Christ, He can never be taken out of the equation so please be warned. God bless you all.

PB: Thank you all for making time to read this, till we meet again, stay blessed.