Day 21 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


What a day!!
Aside the fact that it’s my birthday, my sister also got engaged today!!
Been a really busy day for me and this is my 3rd post of the day.
I really do not want to be inconsistent in what I do so here goes Day 21 of the blogging challenge…

What Makes Me Sad
Mostly when the people close to me are going through pain it really gets to me internally though i might not really show it outside because i want them to be stronger.
Seeing people who are really ignorant about a whole lot, biblically also saddens me!

The last one is… i just can’t remember any more😊. I guess that’s it!

It’s been such a busy but awesome day.
God bless you all my berries🙏
The love is still deep😘😘.
Come back for more tomorrow Godwilling😊


Day 20 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


Day 20; What Makes Me Happy

Well, all i can say is my happiness does not depend on anyone and i don’t get bored unless i want to.
But when the people around me are happy, it affects me automatically too.
Movies, music and dance, exploring and being me gets me into the happy mood always.
Also having the people i love around me as well as doing things i love like i mentioned early on makes me happy.

Day 20 conquered!
Come back for more.
Love you all😘😘.


Day 19 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


Day 19; My Favorite Movie

I love movies a lot,the guns, the adventure, the love, the romantic comedy, the Christian and the seasonal ones.

I have watched a lot and there is so much resting on my external drive which I haven’t even looked at.
At the moment WAR ROOM is my best(favorite) movie.

That movie is just something else, i teared up when i first watched it!
It is so real. My thoughts on it is that, War Room is more than just a movie!!

If you haven’t watched it please do and i know it will have a positive impact on you.
Thank you for your time.
Let’s meet tomorrow Godwilling for more.
Love you all my dear berries😘😘😘.

Day 12 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge

Yes it is day 12!

My Favorite Childhood Book

I said early on in one of my posts that growing up i was not much of the reading type because i grew up in an environment that was not reading friendly i guess.
I do remember the very few books that came my way and my favorite is…

The story really speaks, it pumps some sense into you as to what to expect in the journey of life.
If you settle for less because it is easy to achieve, you might as well loose it easily.

The story is about three pigs who were sent out by their mother to live their own lives.
One built a house with straw which was destroyed by a bad big wolf with less effort, the second built a house of sticks which suffered the same fate, but the third built a brick house and after several attempts made by the wolf, no positive result was achieved.
The wolf ended up being trap by the pigs in a wise way and the wolf was killed, bringing liberation to the pigs after the hell they were put through.

So that is all for today also!
Let us meet here again Godwilling tomorrow.
Love you all my lovely berries😘😘

Day 11 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


Today, i am supposed to fill you guys in on my 10 favorite foods.
So let’s move, my fingers are itchy already😅.

10 favorite foods
I want to let you all know that i enjoy local Ghanaian dishes a lot more than the others😉.

1.Jollof Rice with chicken
2.Yam and Palava Sauce with tuna
3.Waakye (it is a rice and beans combination)
4.Rice Balls with groundnut soup and Chicken plus some fish😘
5.fufu and groundnut soup…I can take anything with groundnut soup.
6.Yam/cocoyam porridge with all the fresh goodies in it.
7.Mashed kenkey(kenkey is a corn meal)
8.I love noodles (indomie with lots of veggies and some fried egg and others…)
9.Pizza and other junk foods…lol( I don’t take that much though, that is why it is at number 9)
10.I love drinks, bread,milk, ice cream and chocolates too.

Day 11 conquered!
Thanks for the love my sweet berries😘😘.
Let’s met again tomorrow God willing.
Be safe🙏.

8 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


Heyyyy my wonderful berries, trust the weekend is much relaxing😅

It is day 8 and I am supposed to spill out my goals. Five of them for now so let’s go…


1. To go deeper in spiritual stuff, i want my life to practically be a sermon even without words having to exit my mouth!(it is a sermon but I want more(deeper)).

2. To read more and focus on one book at a time( I like reading several at a time).

3.To have a more balanced life.(I think some areas of my life is sagging, especially the sports part!)

4. To eat well…(because I am slim and with a flat tommy I don’t really care about the times I eat, I can even eat at 2am😁. Yeah i am a night owl so obviously i should be up around that time.

5. Write more and interact more with others! It is difficult but for the Gospel to get to everyone i must tolerate everyone.

All done!
Let’s meet again tomorrow Godwilling. Enjoy the rest of the day my lovely berries😘😘


Day 7 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


I nearly missed this today!
Been pretty occupied trying to take my church’s youth through some drama and choreography rehearsals for our upcoming youth week celebrations!
You are all invited in advance😊.

So it is day 7 and it is time to tell you the five songs reigning in my playlist…
Let us go find out now💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


1.Eben -victory…
I can dance to this tune the whole day without getting tired of it. I just love it!!

2.Jahdiel – Diz my hand…
I just love this song too, powerful lyrics, great beat, colorful video…I can dance to this anyday and it just gets me happy whenever i hear it.

3.Jonathan McReynolds – Comin’ out
The little i say abou
t this song the better…it really hits my heart!

4. Travis Greene – intentional
This song gets me back on my feet any day anytime i go down.

5. Lauren Daigle – Dry bones(Come Alive).
This song speaks!!


So there you have it, I hope you have atleast listened to one of those, if no please try any of these and I promise you will love it.

Drop your list in the comments box and let me try them too.

God bless you my lovely berries!
Love you bunch😘😘

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